SOOEW Chapter 289 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XI

“However, this is a two-player mecha,” He said, “in order to deal with the super power mecha of the holy empire. The holy empire is only one percent the size of the Free Federation, but they are a big problem for the Federation, only because they are far better than the Free Federation in mecha manufacturing. The two person mecha is developed with the participation of scientific researchers of the Swift family. It is a way out for the Free Federation when a single mecha can’t surpass the other. It needs two soldiers to cooperate with each other, but——one mountain can’t tolerate two tigers. There will be confrontation between Alpha and Alpha, so it can only be cooperated by Alpha and Beta, or.…..Alpha and Omega. “

Allen frowned. “You mean with Alpha.……”

“Your estrus has arrived. Inhibitors alone can’t be solved. Sooner or later, you need an Alpha to mark you.”

Cyril smiled in his eyes. “I think, I can be your choice.”

Wen Ying, who was far away at an Omega’s exclusive college, didn’t know that one of her mission targets was about to run to the enemy camp, but she also thought of the double mecha under the reminder of her friend Daisy——because the other party mentioned Allen, who has become famous recently. As the cost of the two person mecha was expensive, which was more than ten times that of the highest level single person mecha, they were particularly cautious about the choice of soldiers. When it was first launched, a selection competition was held.

Allen was the winner of that game.

This is the reason why Allen based himself in the military headquarters as a beta. Even if his Omega status was discovered later, he was still left in the army under certain considerations——after all, a top-level intelligent mecha could blow up a planet. Single combat was enough. There was no need to work with the army, so pheromone had no impact.

And the person who operated the double mecha with him and cooperated with the other was Chris.

Thinking of this, Wen Ying returned to her bedroom. She originally wanted to wait for Cyril to deliver the special mecha for her to reopen the box, but after the reminder, she suddenly found that time was tight.

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Soul piece was a chip in the interstellar era. As the carrier of intelligent AI, it was called the “chip with soul” for short because of its too real anthropomorphic way. If it was assembled with the mecha, its existence was equivalent to a housekeeper. It received various instructions from the operator and carried out exploration, analysis and maintenance on the mecha and human body. A good intelligent AI could even make simple operations against the enemy when it receives instructions. It can also chat and send time at ordinary times. It can be said that it was necessary for home travel. The soul piece is made of five-dimensional alloy and can even change its shape.

What Wen Ying saw was a soul piece in the form of a bracelet.

Chris turned into this ghost under an accident of the interstellar navigation. His mental power was strong, so he covered the original intelligent AI. Although he “defected” from his family, they would take emergency measures in case of danger. His body was equipped with positioning, which should have been found back by this time.

What he wanted to consider now was to let the mental power return to the body.

He and Allen reached an agreement to help each other, but while waiting to be picked up by Allen, he found that there were many more days than previously calculated, which made him feel a little wrong. So when he sensed another rather gentle spiritual force exploring, he pretended to be a restarted intelligent AI and said hello to her: “Good day, what can I do for you, beautiful lady.”

This was the dialogue between mental forces, so there was no sound in the room.

Wen Ying thought that only in this era could he be picked up as a baby, otherwise who could hear him? They must be thrown into the dustbin as scrap iron.

“Your name?” She asked proudly.


“Wu……with the same name as the defected eldest son of the Ackerman family, who gave it to you?”

He replied quietly, “It’s named after my maker, my dear lady, I think it’s just a beautiful coincidence.”

Who knew that she didn’t care about this coincidence, but rather, about another thing.

“Call me master.”

“.……” Chris restrained himself and shouted in a mechanical sweet and greasy tone with a bit of an intelligent AI, “Master.”

Then he made a sound of vomiting in his heart——if he had a thing such as a heart.

“Very good.” Wen Ying said, “Your master orders you to stop this disgusting tone immediately.”

Chris: “……”

Wen Ying opened her light brain and prepared to log in to the star network. Finally, she asked, “Don’t you wonder why you came to my hands?”

“In my memory, you1*formal form of you are my first master.”

Wen Ying answered with the word “Oh” and heard that he was pretending that the system was reset and the memory was eliminated. “My mecha hasn’t arrived yet. Please accompany me to the star network to take a try. Let me see your ability.”

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