SOOEW Chapter 290 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XII

Chris was controlled by others, so he could only say “good”, and then automatically connect to her light brain.

In fact, logging into the star network was also good for him. He now existed in the form of a soul. In fact, he existed in the form of spiritual power. To some extent, the star network was the world of spiritual power. He had a higher degree of freedom in the star network.

For example, as soon as he logged in, he suddenly discovered something.

Beatrice  ˙ Clarke!

It turned out that Beatrice ˙ Clarke. was the one who got him. He had known her for a long time. In fact, his generation also had a circle. In the past, his impression of her was a little girl that liked running behind Cyril. Of course, Cyril always had many followers, and she was only one of them, but she made a deep impression especially when she robbed the inhibitor from Allen. It’s impossible to imagine the consequences of Allen’s estrus in school if he didn’t successfully inject the inhibitor.

It’s hard to blame, but the impression of her was naturally not that great.

He couldn’t imagine how an Omega of her won against Allen and got the chip?

Chris sent out such doubts, apparently forgetting that Allen was also an Omega.

Under such a premise, when Wen Ying entered the mecha test hall and chose the latest women’s model to fight with the virtual crazy beast, he appeared on the star network in the form of a white fog and watched the battle with curiosity.

The result of watching the war, only one word could be used to describe it——beginner.

Seriously, he hasn’t seen a fight with the hand and foot on a mecha for many years. His impression was that his four-year-old cousin made such a mistake with a toy mecha when he was ten years old.

This was Wen Ying’s first time to operate the mecha. The console of the latest model was simplified, with only 120 keys, but it was still too complex for her. She could only focus on the 3D model demonstration suspended on the console, try it one by one, and press the wrong button one by one.

The consequence of the wrong key was that her left arm of the mecha was bitten by a crazy beast!

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Once bitten off, the mecha would lose their balance and fall to the ground, and she hasn’t learned how to stand up……

When she was in a mess, she suddenly felt that the mecha lost control for a moment. Then, a magnetic voice came from her ear, with a lively tone.

“Hi, master, do you need my help?”


“I think you forgot that the smart mecha doesn’t need an operation console.” He gave out a thoughtful nasal sound and considered where to start. After all, Allen was not stupid enough to not even know the most basic operation. When he cooperated with the other, he only needed to provide experience, and he had no “hand-in-hand” teaching experience.

But one of the advantages of intelligent mecha was that it could be transmitted through soul pieces to connect intelligence with the mental power of the operator. Compared with the 3D model, it’s like a bulky instruction manual. It’s extremely boring!

Suddenly, he found a way to connect and explored his spiritual power to her.

“Let me teach you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his mental strength met her. However, at the touch, they were suddenly unable to defend themselves, and both of them trembled.

Chris even felt a crisp feeling at that moment.

He looked at the mecha with disbelief. During his absence, his left arm was fiercely bitten by a crazy beast. The huge mecha collapsed and raised a burst of dust.

Holy fuck!

Was he suddenly in heat? !


Small theater:

Chris: What is man-machine integration……!

Wen Ying: ……Beat it, don’t run around in my head.

Chris: Yi, honey, are you flirting with me?

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