WFILTU Chapter 380 – Love III

Lin Zhihua sent Xue Jiao back to the Cheng house. Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong were sitting on the sofa, holding the invitation list and saying something.

While changing her shoes, Xue Jiao wondered, “Mom and dad?”

“Jiao Jiao has come back ah.” Cheng Shuo smiled. “We are looking at the invitation list for your entrance banquet.”

Xue Jiao was stunned and suddenly remembered that her entrance banquet and adult ceremony were held together.

The 18-year-old of her previous life passed lightly. She actually held an adult ceremony in this life. She was a little embarrassed thinking about it.


Cheng Shuo waved his hands: “Dad and mom have drawn up an invitation list of business friends.”

Xue Jiao walked over and nodded obediently.

As Cheng Shuo said before, he would take this opportunity to contact all the partners in Beijing, and Li Sitong also took this opportunity to communicate with other wives.

“Mom and dad just want to ask you, which friends do you want to invite? Originally, we wanted to give you an adult gift and a graduation banquet.……”

Xue Jiao shook her head and smiled innocently: “It’s all right. Holding it together rids trouble. I have few friends.”

Cheng Shuo was helpless.

Xue Jiao thought carefully and carefully reviewed her friends……

“I want to invite Jiaxue, Chu Sheng, Xi Junyang and Lin Zhihua.……” she paused without mentioning Yi Tianyu.

She shouldn’t appear in front of him.

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong looked at each other and obviously thought of Yi Tianyu, but they didn’t ask.

Cheng Shuo only smiled: “Do you have any other friends you want to invite?”

Xue Jiao thought about it carefully and shook her head.

It seemed that apart from these four people, she had no friends who she could invite to Beijing for her birthday party.

Cheng Shuo also realized that she had few friends. He smiled and said, “When you go to college, you will have a lot more free time. You can try to make more friends.”

Xue Jiao nodded and answered softly, “Ok.”



Xue Jiao was puzzled.

Cheng Shuo took back what he wanted to say and said, “It’s all right.”

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Lin Zhihua was one of the few friends in Xue Jiao’s heart. He couldn’t stop Lin Zhihua from attending Jiao Jiao’s adult ceremony for his own reasons.

“By the way, Jiao Jiao, mother bought a dress for you. Let’s go go, go and show you.” Li Sitong suddenly stood up and said happily.

Xue Jiao was stunned and reluctantly followed her into the house.


Xue Jiao’s adult ceremony was half a month after receiving the admission notice from Tsinghua University.

It was her eighteenth birthday.

Xue Jiao didn’t know her birthday in her last life. The old man wrote down the day she found her. Every year, when the old man closed the stall, he would buy her a small cake.

She gave him half under the old man’s helpless eyes.

Children’s happiness was too simple, that was, the little sweet cake.

In order for her to attend school, the old man and Xue Jiao were very frugal. Small cakes were only bought for her birthday.

As for the old man’s birthday.……Xue Jiao doesn’t know, and he never celebrates it.

Later, when the old man passed, no one bought a small cake for Xue Jiao, and Xue Jiao didn’t want to buy it herself.

In her last life, she only lived to the age of 18, about a month earlier than now. She spent that day working.

Every day was no different from usual.

But in this life, after she became Gu Xuejiao, she had a grand and impressive 18th birthday.

On this day, she and Li Sitong went to do their hair and make-up in the morning. In the afternoon, they put on beautiful dresses and took the lead in arriving at the hotel.

They were the masters. They arrived early and waited for the coming guests.

Jiaxue, Chu Sheng and Xi Junyang were in City C, which was far away, so they would come early.

Cheng Shuo thought they would be the first to come, but soon after they arrived at the hotel, the first to come was actually ———Lin Zhihua.

Cheng Shuo: “……”

Lin Zhihua first smiled at Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong: “Uncle Cheng, Auntie Li.”

“Ai!” Li Sitong answered straightforwardly.

Cheng Shuo snorted and didn’t speak.

“Why did you come so early!” Xue Jiao’s eyes widened slightly, “The dinner doesn’t start until seven!”

“I want to come early.” Lin Zhihua smiled. He smiled very well. His good-looking face attracted special attention. It seemed that he was the only one in the spotlight.

Xue Jiao shook her head helplessly: “Then sit down first.”

Lin Zhihua nodded and looked at Xue Jiao without blinking.

Xue Jiao put on makeup today. Li Sitong doesn’t like Xue Jiao wearing makeup because of her memory. Of course, Xue Jiao doesn’t like it either.

But today was different. Li Sitong said that she has grown up and drawn a line with the era of her youth. On such an important day, she should appear in the best state.

Therefore, for the first time, Xue Jiao appeared in front of Lin Zhihua with makeup.

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  1. Must be a weird feeling when you exceed your previous life’s longevity. I always have a mixed feeling about these makeup appearance reveals. Ultimately, your partner is going to see you without the makeup. And so will the rest of the crowd unless you’re planning to wear it forever in public moving forward.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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  3. Everytime FL talked about her grandpa of prev life, I can’t help but cry.

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