SOOEW Chapter 291 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XIII

Wen Ying only recovered after a long moment and asked: “Before.…..what was the matter?”

“It’s probably because it’s my first attempt. I made a mistake. You know, the mecha has its own power device, and the human body can conduct electricity. As the intermediate transmitter between you and the mecha, we were in too deep.……”

Chris, who was about to talk nonsense, suddenly stopped when he said this.

In an instant, he suddenly thought that even if he replaced the intelligent AI, in the final analysis, it was not a dead thing in science and technology. The spiritual power connected with her was still his spiritual power as a human. It was said that when Alpha and Omega are combined, in addition to physical contact, when they reach a certain degree, the spiritual power will entangle together and continue towards climax.

He suddenly hugged his head——in his imagination, he wouldn’t, inadvertently, have had a deep intimate contact with her……


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It’s over, it’s over. He actually did this to a girl he didn’t know for the first time. What’s the difference between this and obscenity!

He couldn’t accept the eldest son of the Ackerman family; he, who has received the gentleman education of the new era, would be an obscene person! He felt suffocated……no, not right, there was another equally suffocating thing

Maybe he lost his virginity?

“Chris?” Seeing that he didn’t answer after a long time, Wen Ying voiced out her suspicions.

Under such circumstances, her voice reached his ears and suddenly became particularly soft and beautiful, as if a crisp current had walked around the upper reaches of his auricle and wanted to probe into his ears……

He cut off his extraordinary imagination in time, cut off the spiritual connection between the two people, and forcibly recovered from the depressed state, “It’s nothing, dear little.……master, I don’t think this way of teaching is very suitable for us. It’s better to——”

“Really? I think it’s very suitable.” Unknowingly, the simple Omega spoke jokingly, “You mean too deep, right? It’s normal to fail in the first attempt, even if you’re an intelligent AI. I think you can try again and grasp the momentum.”

Chris: “……”

“After all, intelligence was born for us to operate mecha. Can’t you even do ordinary teaching courses? It’s hard not to doubt your authenticity.” The little girl was very willful. She dropped the threats casually.

It has to be said that this threat was very strong. Since Chris pretended to be an intelligent AI and refused to confess, the last thing he wanted to see was, of course, that his lie has been exposed. Even if she just thought it is a poor product, once it was tested, he’s afraid it would have unpredictable consequences.

“Of course I have no problem!”

He agreed in one breath, then put away the overly ambiguous thoughts in his mind and tried to touch her with one of his small nerve filaments, just like people only hooking their little pinkies when holding hands.

In the past, Chris may not be able to do it so carefully with his mental strength, but after losing his body, he began to find various ways to improve and exercise his mental strength, which was stronger and more solid than before.

Obviously, this time he controlled it very well, and the effect was much better than his recklessness. Although he still had a slight touch, he was very gentle, just like the feeling of running water around his fingers, giving people a very wonderful feeling.

Under this feeling, Wen Ying found that she could easily let the fallen mecha stand up.

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