WFILTU Chapter 381 – Love IV

She was already very good-looking. She was originally a stubborn white rose. After makeup, she was like a delicate red rose.

The tear in the corner of her eye was spotted, like a cinnabar on his heart.

When the thick eyelashes blinked, they set off waves in his heart.

The long white yarn skirt exposed her slim waist and slender figure.

There was a large area of bare back behind her long dress, but all the scattered long hair covered it and loomed.

“Kekeke.” Cheng Shuo coughed with a darkened face.

Lin Zhihua took back his sight and said with a slight smile, “Happy birthday, Jiao Jiao. Congratulations. You’re eighteen.”

For this day, he has been waiting for more than a year.

He gently stretched out his hand and hugged the person. The action was very light.

Xue Jiao was stunned and smiled casually. Lin Zhihua released her very soon.

His heart beat fast, his breath was silent, and steady.

Then he took out a small box from his bag and handed it to Xue Jiao.

For a moment, Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong thought he was going to propose.

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But when the box was opened, it was a small and exquisite necklace.

On it hung a pair of small silver wings. Xue Jiao was slightly surprised.

Lin Zhihua’s voice rang in her ear——

“Jiao Jiao, this is my gift for you turning 18-years-old. May your future be like a pair of wings, flying freely.”

Xue Jiao’s eyes lit up and she looked up at him in surprise.

After a moment, Xue Jiao reached out and took the initiative to hug Lin Zhihua: “Thank you……I like it very much……”

Her voice was filled with joy. It was her most satisfactory gift.

Cheng Shuo stood watching, his face slightly black.

It was not known why, he feels Lin Zhihua was more like Xue Jiao’s…….dad than him.

Cheng Shuo: “……”

The idea made him laugh and he looked at Lin Zhihua and said, “President Lin, go and sit there for a while.”

“Alright.” Lin Zhihua was not uncomfortable either. He followed Cheng Shuo to sit and chat.

It looked harmonious and friendly, but the dialogue was not——

“President Lin, you really care for my daughter. You are more like a father than me.”

“Uncle Cheng, don’t worry. I’ll spoil Jiao Jiao as my daughter all my life.”

“……I’m not very relieved.”

“You1*formal form of you can rest assured.”

“President Lin, it was said that your family is in a hurry to urge marriage? My daughter is still young.”

“I can wait. I can afford to wait for ten or eight years.”


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