WFILTU Chapter 382 – Love V

“Happy Birthday!” Liu Jiaxue reached out and hugged Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao exposed a smile. This was her friend. They may not meet often in the future, but real friendship would not fade because of distance.

Those iron friendships, even if there was no contact at ordinary times, meeting is just like the past. You are still the person I care about.

Chu Sheng also came. He was wearing a suit and carrying a gift box.

“Happy birthday, classmate.”

He called her classmate because they are still classmates in the future.

“Classmate, thank you.” Xue Jiao smiled faintly.

“I heard you entered Professor Tan’s office?” Chu Sheng thumbed up, “This is you taking a step first.”

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes and said, “You say it like you won’t catch up. Do you have a goal?”

Chu Sheng purposely exaggerated: “This was all seen by you?”

Xue Jiao smiled and shook her head. After arranging Chu Sheng and Liu Jiaxue, she was taken by Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong to receive the coming guests, who were also Cheng Shuo’s business partners.

“President Xu! Welcome!” Cheng Shuo smiled and narrowed his eyes. He looked very happy and enthusiastic.

President Xu’s attitude was a little lighter. His business status was higher than that of Cheng Shuo. It was already a compliment to attend this banquet today.

“Haha, bless Boss Cheng. You have both a daughter and son, and both are so promising!”

It has to be said that even if they were honoring the other to come, as they have a higher status than Cheng Shuo, they must admit that Cheng Shuo’s children were well raised.

They were good looking, strong in strength, and their temperament was also upper class.

Because of such children, other strangers would also look higher upon Cheng Shuo.

“Where is this, where is this, they are all nerds.”

“Your children……” President Xu’s voice stopped and his sight stopped at a corner of the hall.

After a moment, he rubbed his eyes in surprise.

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“Is that……Lin Zhihua?”

Cheng Shuo’s smile froze.

President Xu suddenly became enthusiastic. He took Cheng Shuo’s hand and looked enthusiastic and anxious.

“President Cheng, you* are so unkind. You are familiar with President Lin, but there was no news at all.”

*formal form of you

Cheng Shuo smiled: “I’m not too familiar with him.”

President Xu had an expression of “don’t lie to me”, and then said, “Can he come if you’re not familiar? Who in the industry doesn’t know how difficult it is to invite Lin Zhihua. Brother, I treat you as a brother, but you should also be sincere!”

Cheng Shuo smiled and nothing could be seen from his expression.

President Xu was warm and polite for a long time, as if they had a good relationship. Then he left with a smile and went directly to Lin Zhihua.

There were more than one such person.

They never thought that they would meet Lin Zhihua here, at the party of the boss of such a small company.

This was the reason why Cheng Shuo didn’t want Lin Zhihua to come. If they were not familiar with Lin Zhihua and could borrow Lin Zhihua’s light, he would be very happy.

This was the case in business. Those who want face can’t go long.

But now, Lin Zhihua was thinking about his daughter. He was a little unhappy to continue borrowing this light.

Cheng Mingze comforted him: “Dad, don’t be uncomfortable. Lin Zhihua is coming, and we can’t stop him. As for him and Jiao Jiao, we can’t let go so easily.”

Cheng Shuo looked at the polite Jiao Jiao pulled by other boss’s wives not far away and nodded. He thought so.

Never mind!

He won’t let go so easily unless Jiao Jiao personally likes him!

Therefore, Cheng Shuo, who originally wanted to open up the situation in Beijing, just because of Lin Zhihua’s arrival, was like a green light turned on.

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