SAPPS Chapter 34

Late at night.

Wei San was standing in the hall of the Sadu Star Port. She was looking at her surroundings. Suddenly, a person jumped out on the right.

“Classmate, did you come to Damocles for school?”

The other side was too close, and with the action of looking around, Wei San leaned back on guard: “What’s the matter?”

The other party didn’t mind at all. Instead, he said enthusiastically and skillfully, “I’m a student of Damocles Military Academy. Our school has a special bus to pick us up, I’m not a liar.”

“Pick up and drop off in the middle of the night?” Wei San thought this military academy was a little interesting.

“Pick up!” The other party pointed to a group of people nearby, “Those are also freshmen like you. The special bus sends a trip once every half an hour. Once you guys arrive at school, you can go directly to the dormitory after you get your things.”

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Before she could feel the loneliness of coming to a strange planet, she was enthusiastically pushed into the military academy bus. Along the way, there were senior sisters explaining the local customs and exquisite cuisines of Sadu.

Although it was late at night, it was obvious that many people had arrived at this time, and the lights in the school were bright.

The senior sisters on the bus took them to the school gate and handed them over to another group of seniors.

“The Mecha Engineering Division Department is stationed to the left and on the right is the Mecha Fighter Department station. Is there a command department? The Command Department is in the middle.” A senior student waved a flag and shouted.

The car of people quickly stood up. Wei San stood on the right and looked to the left. That side was the mecha engineering division. The temperament looked gentle and quiet. When everyone stood up, there was no one in the middle. However, it seemed that it was common for the senior student, he held a flag and let the students of the mecha engineering division follow him.

“Alright, now the students of the mecha fighter department should come with me.” A senior sister holding a flag of another color shouted.

On the way, she also met other seniors who were bringing people back, but the freshmen behind were pushing big and small bags of things with cars.

“You’ll also need to get these things later, quilts, pillows, toiletries and a set of tableware. In addition, there are convenience stores near the school dormitory. You can buy what you need.” The senior sister spoke as she walked, “Everyone, keep up.”

Everyone first registered to draw their dormitories, and then went to get things.

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  1. Wait so did she sign up for the mech fighting dept again?
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    • Good question, why the hell did she sign up for the “wrong” course again?

      • Well that was her previous course… So, i think she wouldn’t get accepted if she put Mecha engineering when she is a mecha fighter..

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