SOOEW Chapter 292 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XIV

In reality, only the soul piece and the S-class mecha could form an intelligent mecha. In the practice room, Wen Ying could adjust the mecha to the S-class mecha mode at any time. With the help of Chris, she doesn’t need to operate the buttons on the console or even make corresponding actions. She just needed a thought to make the mecha do what she wanted it to do.

Of course, sometimes controlling mental power was more difficult than manipulating buttons.

On the console, she only needed to press the fixed key to achieve the desired effect. If the operator has fast hand speed and strong memory, they would soon learn the basic operation. But with mental force, if one is not careful, they would exert too much force, and even have varying degrees of influence under different emotions. It is very difficult to grasp the subtle amount.

Hence, Chris said, “I’ll teach you to use key control first, and then teach you to use mental power to control the mecha after you have formed an understanding of mecha battle.”

Wen Ying agreed.

The wild animals in the training room were eliminated by one click, then she changed to the basic infrared training mode, and gradually changed to dynamic interference, light mecha assault and other modes.

It was in this process that Chris discovered the talent of WenYing. She was very astringent at first. It was obviously her first contact with mecha, but when she trained to a certain extent, she would naturally change to another state. From quantitative change to qualitative change, it was obtained with time and visible to the naked eye. It seemed that she was rapidly absorbing experience and understanding the mystery of it every minute and second.

The speed of this progress made people feel terrible. No one could imagine that a girl who was a very weak lady in their memory would display such a strong explosive force.

Of course, for Chris, who once won the first place at the free federal college, even such progress was something he could solve with one finger.

The only thing he didn’t understand was why she, a pharmacy professional, wanted to learn mecha operation. At the same time, he wanted to ask, she has such a talent, why not apply for the mecha major?

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“Very interesting.” At the end of her training, she sighed in her greasy sweat, “I’ve always wanted to try to manipulate the feeling of mecha, but due to gender restrictions, I couldn’t even have a toy mecha in my childhood.”

“Why?” He asked.

“I also wonder why, when I was a child, I was very confused. Was the Clark family very poor? Why couldn’t I meet my wishes? When I grew up, I realized that the family could give Omega a toy mecha, but even if I played well, I couldn’t do any work in this field in the future, so my parents simply put an end to this possibility.”

Chris remembered that in the federal system, Omega could not enter the battlefield. Because he knew Allen, who studied in the military department, he once forgot the particularity of Omega’s identity.

So, since she once had such a dream, why did she try her best to obstruct Allen when she found that he could do it? Was it the jealousy of sensitive Omegas?

He was surprised.

Wen Ying suddenly asked, “You say, if I wasn’t Omega, would it be possible to become a mecha warrior?”

As soon as Chris wanted to answer, he heard her say, “Ah, sorry, I forgot you’re not human. This topic is too heavy for you. That’s all for today. Let’s go.”

Chris, who was aroused by curiosity: “……”

No, you stop for me! I am a human! I am a human! !

However, such an answer was doomed to be unspeakable. He could only watch her go offline and swallow the question sadly.

In the following days, Wen Ying got along well with Chris. He found that the soft Beatrice in his impression had faded, and the Beatrice in front of him was very vivid. She not only had a high talent in mecha, but also had a good performance in pharmacy.

For Wen Ying, mecha training was to do tasks, no matter which link it was, they were inseparable from it. Of course, the mecha really made people feel hot-blooded and interesting, especially the holographic battles on the satellite network, which was much more exciting than playing games, but the development of drugs has extraordinary significance.

For interstellar people, the time to log in to the star network could be equated with the sleep time. The real rest time was one or two hours. Therefore, while carrying out mecha training on the Internet, she often drilled into the library and laboratory to find books about Omega. She also bought inhibitors from the black market, tried to break them down and make them, and added other materials for experiments.

The tutor of the department liked her very much and praised her: “I rarely see an Omega who works this hard in the field. After all, most Omega who come here all want to match with a better Alpha. You have been excellent before, but your progress has been more remarkable during this period of time.”

“I found that proper exercise can improve my concentration, which is probably related to my exercise during this period.” Wen Ying answered with a gentle smile, which was different from her appearance on the Internet, which also amazed Chris.

And also——

Dangling from her wrist, Chris couldn’t help wondering, proper exercise?

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