WFILTU Chapter 383 – Love VI

Sometimes it’s like this. Even if others don’t know what relationship he has with Lin Zhihua, they won’t embarrass Cheng Shuo because of the relationship.

Although not necessarily willing to help, as long as they don’t create difficulties, it was the greatest help.

Pengcheng, after today, officially took root in Beijing.

This evening, Xue Jiao officially came of age. The banquet was very successful, because Lin Zhihua and Cheng Shuo’s business partners were full of enthusiasm.

The few friends of Xue Jiao were also very sincere people.

The party was over after nine o’clock in the evening.

“……Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to see the little girl’s entrance banquet. Thank you!”

Cheng Shuo delivered his last speech, and then smiled to see off every “enthusiastic” business friend.

Xue Jiao also arranged Jiaxue and Chu Sheng in the hotel room. Xi Junyang was busy and couldn’t come today, so he sent her a blessing instead.

After graduation, there would be such and such things, and then miss this banquet and meet at the next.

After a long time, this that was originally not a strong feeling, would gradually fade, and finally only civilities would be left.

When everyone left, Cheng Shuo turned his head contentedly, “Jiao Jiao——”

Seeing that Lin Zhihua was still standing, Cheng Shuo raised his eyebrow: “Why haven’t you left yet?”

How can we surprise you if you don’t go? !

Lin Zhihua straightened his clothes and approached: “No hurry.”

You’re not in a hurry, we’re in a hurry!

Cheng Shuo choked for a while and said, “Our family still has something to do, you……”

Hearing about the family, Lin Zhihua didn’t want to leave even more.

Li Sitong was quite satisfied. She thought Lin Zhihua had perfectly matched her imagination of her son-in-law.

Now it was more……the more she saw, the more satisfied she was.

“It’s all right. Zhihua, stay.” When Li Sitong spoke, Cheng Shuo didn’t say anything.

Cheng Mingze also glanced at Lin Zhihua with some dissatisfaction.

Xue Jiao was confused: “What riddles are you guys playing at?”

Cheng Shuo immediately ignored Lin Zhihua and smiled at Xue Jiao: “Jiao Jiao, look back.”

“Ah?” Xue Jiao was stunned, look back?

She turned around blankly.

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“Bang——” The ribbon of flowers burst open, the light darkened, and the red curtain that had been covered fell down, and flowers were placed in large clusters.

Happy birthday, Jiao Jiao.

Xue Jiao was stunned and turned her head stupidly and rigidly.

Then she was stunned again.

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong pushed the cake, and Cheng Mingze held a pair of big wings.

“Jiao Jiao, today is your 18th birthday, our family……” Cheng Shuo paused and thought of Lin Zhihua who was not family but stuck around and didn’t leave……

After a pause, he continued: “Our family hopes our baby will always be happy and have an unforgettable 18th birthday.”

Li Sitong’s eyes were slightly red. The little baby who was a small thing in her arms had grown so big now.

“Jiao Jiao, mom……I wish you would never grow up and be happy forever.”

Cheng Mingze took the wings and gave it to her: “but time does not stop just because we want it to stop. You will grow up slowly, start to have your own troubles and difficulties, and also start to have your own dreams. We are your relatives, family and always your backing.”

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong have come to Xue Jiao: “Jiao Jiao, you are 18 years old. In the future, you will leave the nest where you grew up like a bird and fly out. Dad doesn’t ask you to be great or make great achievements. As long as you are happy every day, it’s enough……”

Speaking towards the end, Cheng Shuo’s voice choked, and Xue Jiao’s eyes were red.

“Dad……Mom……Brother……” Xue Jiao’s tears fell.

She was lucky to have such relatives in her life.

Gu Xuejiao, I don’t know where you have gone, but I also wish you happiness.

Thank you for all of this. Thank you.

I am very happy.

“Come on, Jiao Jiao, put these big wings on your back!” Cheng Mingze saw Xue Jiao crying, shook the wings and coaxed her with a smile.

Lin Zhihua interrupted: “Such big wings may not be easy to fly, put on the small wings I sent instead.”

“Puff——” Xue Jiao couldn’t help laughing again.

Cheng Shuo: “……”

That who who who, why are you everywhere? !

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