SAPPS Chapter 35

“Wei San?” The teacher received Wei San’s admission notice, then turned to look at the numbers jumping on the light brain and handed her a button, “Press it.”

Wei San heard what they said, then followed their instructions and pressed it. The number jumping on the teacher’s light brain stopped and displayed: 【Orange1 707】.

The teacher took a look: “This year, there happened to be a dormitory that couldn’t be filled. There was only one number. It was drawn by you, your hands are quite lucky.”

Wei San hasn’t had much reaction yet, but freshmen around her were already envious. Who doesn’t want some privacy at this age? Unfortunately, the mecha fighter unit of Damocles Military Academy all housed four per dormitory.

“Teacher, are there any more such dormitories?” The person behind shouted.

“Only this one.” The teacher spoke ruthlessly.

They had to register honestly and get their daily necessities.

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Their luggage was still with them, in addition to the distributed things. They were all carrying them in their hands and on their shoulders. They cut quite the sorrowful figures, completely different from the freshmen they had met just now.

Someone asked, “Senior sister, don’t we have a cart?”

The senior sister shook her head cordially: “The students of the mecha fighter department don’t have carts. I believe that with everyone’s physical strength, moving this thing should be just a warm-up.”

“This is discrimination.” The student carrying the quilt shouted, “We students in the mecha fighter department also want love.”

“That’s right!” Someone immediately agreed.

“This is the school’s love for you.” The senior sister didn’t change her face, “Everyone, don’t give up every chance to exercise.”

The crowd: “……”

The dormitory buildings of the mecha fighters were all next to each other. Wei San carried the quilt and luggage to the door of her dormitory, opened the door and went in. There was no one inside.

The bedroom was a typical four dormitory. The bed was on top and the desk underneath. The space here would be owned by Wei San alone in the future. She cleaned up simply, made the bed and went to sleep.

The next day, it was still the registration day, Wei San went out to get familiar with the school environment and also bound her identity to the school optical network to see the various forums. Students who came and went on the road were purchasing bedroom appliances. Wei San didn’t enter the convenience store. First, she was reluctant to spend money. Second, people who have slept in abandoned buildings for several years don’t have high requirements for their living environment.

Wei San wandered all the way to the library and couldn’t walk away. There was too much information about mecha, all of which she didn’t understand.

During the registration week, Wei San was so busy that she didn’t remember to eat until she was dizzy every day. She simply bought a large box of nutrient solution and took several bottles with her every day. However, the nutrient solution of Sadu star was much more expensive than on Star 3212.

It wasn’t till the first day of school that Wei San was willing to put down her book and go to class.

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