SAPPS Chapter 36

A class had a total of 30 people. The first thing to do on the first day of school was to introduce themselves. After a circle, Wei San found that only she and another male classmate came from number stars, that was, an unknown star in the public sense. However, everyone obviously didn’t care much about these things and focused more on some fresh gossip.

“I heard that the students of the Imperial Military Academy live in luxury single rooms with a kitchen.”

“You also said it was the Imperial Military Academy.”

“Their high elimination rate is frightening. They may not be able to stay until graduation.”

“Our school also has a single room, but only the command department could live in it.”

“After all, the command department is a treasure everywhere. It’s not like us mecha fighters with rough skin and thick flesh.”

“Look, the mecha engineering division lives in a double room and also has a tool room!”

A group of students gathered to read the posts posted on the forum.

“This year, a lucky person in the mecha fighter department monopolized a dorm room……” The student who was surrounded read the content on the forum, “Who, who has it so cool?”

The lucky person sitting behind them: it sure is cool.

On the first day of school, there was no class content. In the morning, the students and teachers got to know each other in the classroom. In the afternoon, the teacher sent everyone the school regulation manual. In the evening, the mecha fighter department gathered in the auditorium to listen to the dean’s speech.

Although Wei San was very moved by what the dean said, she still wanted to go back to her dorm room and read the book that she borrowed on the basic knowledge of mecha.

Finally they dispersed, Wei San ran back to her dorm room. As soon as she sat down and opened her book, her light brain suddenly lit up. Someone contacted her.

She had only just communicated with teacher and Shiniang yesterday. Who was it today?

Wei San had just wondered if it was Tai Wude. As soon as he opened it, a thin young face came into view. She thought that the other party might have made a mistake and disturbed her reading. Wei San’s eyebrows and eyes showed impatience: “Who are you?”

The other party was silent for a moment: “……Jin Ke.”

Wei San thought about the book opened on the desk. She didn’t hear what he said at all. She said directly, “No, you have the wrong number. I’m not Jin……Jin Ke?”

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Jin Ke saw her reaction, covered his chest and pretended to be sad: “It’s only two years, Wei San, you already don’t know me.”

Wei San raised her eyelids: “You’re so thin, it’s normal for me to not recognize.”

Jin Ke laughed xixi and said, “I’ve been too tired in the past two years and I didn’t have time to contact you. What’s the matter? Which military academy did you go to?”

Wei San closed the book and squinted at Jin Ke’s background: “Are you at Damocles Military Academy?”

“Yes, I’m attending the command department here.” It took Jin Ke two years to pass the command test. It could be said that he spent a lot of energy.

“I’m attending here too.” Wei San raised her brows.

Jin Ke was stunned and then couldn’t hide his excitement: “Really? !”

Wei San showed him the surrounding environment of her dormitory: “The dormitory of mecha fighters of Damocles Military Academy.”

Jinke looked around and saw no sign of others living there and sighed, “You’re not the lucky one, are you?”

Wei San nodded, “Where do you live?”

“Not far from you, in the purple building.”

The classification of Damocles Military Academy was very rough. The dormitories of the mecha fighter department were all called orange buildings, such as Orange one and Orange two. The command department was a purple building and the mecha engineering division department was a green building. These three colors were used to test perception. In those years, Damocles Military Academy was almost above the Imperial Military Academy. There were a large number of talents in the school and there were many students. Therefore, they had the courage to directly use perception to represent color classification.

Unfortunately……although today’s Damocles Military Academy was still one of the big five military academies, it has almost fallen to the bottom.

“How about going to dinner tomorrow?” Jin Ke invited.

“No time, not going.” Wei San refused directly. It’s faster to drink nutrient solution when eating.

Jin Ke: “……more and more ruthless. I’ll swipe my card to invite you to eat. Will you go?”

Wei San still shook her head: “I have something to do, we’ll see later on.”

Jin Ke spoke regretfully, “Alright, come and play with me when you are free.”


The author has something to say: Wei San: I was so lucky when I first came in. My life should be much better in the future ^_^ (flag up)

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    Random story time: in college, the room next to me had some ~drama~ and one of the roomies was rehoused, essentially making it a single. The dorm staff wouldn’t let the remaining roommate use any extra space because they weren’t paying for a single, and periodically did checks! Yikes.

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