SOOEW Chapter 294 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XVI

Wen Ying was not polite to Allen and chose the humanoid mecha. The three story high mecha stood proudly, and the shadow could cover the male lion mecha. Its silver body has smooth lines, the sunlight flows on the outline, condenses at a point, and suddenly stabs into people’s eyes. People can’t help breathing and feel its cold momentum. Letting Wen Ying operate it as a soft and cute Omega, created an inexplicable sense of contrast and made people laugh.

But without waiting for jokes, as soon as she came on the stage, she unstoppably manipulated the alloy sword, cut off the lion’s head, and rubbed against the metal shell of the male lion’s mecha, sending out stabbing sparks. Her action was extremely fierce!

During the banquet, the people who came to watch the war broke out in a dry sweat. Their lax attention was suddenly pulled back, vaguely excited!

She said she wanted to bring the soul piece to the battle, but Wen Ying didn’t ask Chris to help her at first, but used the buttons on the console.

Her hands pressed buttons like flying, overlapping double shadows, so that the mecha could jump or run. She was extremely skilled. When she has a chance, she immediately cuts down like an ax, giving full play to her “height” advantage.

Chris, who had nothing to do, held his breath.

As a star thief, he has seen countless more intense and bloody games than the one before him, but he was still attracted by the picture of this moment. Because no novice, especially the novice who has trained for only one month, dared to face the enemy with all their heart against the eyes of thousands of people in the audience. Because they would be afraid of failure, they would not dare to act rashly, just as Allen once experienced in a game on the star network.

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But she regarded these as nothing and was really focused. He seemed to see the bright flame in her eyes.

That’s what kept him staring.

As we all know, the fighting rhythm of the “Bloodbath Warrior” has always been very slow. He was famous for his endurance and was used to winning the game from the details. Of course, he could often save himself from danger and make refreshing moves. Therefore, although everyone had a high intention to watch the game, they were all ready to watch a long game. Unexpectedly, there was an unexpected scene of fierce fighting at the beginning. The audience who came to see the “Bloodbath Soldier” was enthusiastic and roared for Wen Ying.

Even the star scout of the star entertainment company took a fancy to her fierce momentum at the beginning and had the intention to sign a contract with her. In the new era, the mecha battle game was also an entertainment activity for the public.

But Allen was a top student in the military department. He doesn’t have any uncomfortable ideas against fast fighting. The move of dodging in the eyes of the audience was just to relieve the force, so that the alloy sword can only be scratched on the shell of the mecha, leaving one or two painless scars.

Soon, he found a flaw in Wen Ying’s fast attack. The lion’s mouth opened, and the accumulated particle light energy gun blasted at the human mecha like a thick column!

The humanoid mecha didn’t end well. It was hit directly. Under the impact of energy, it rubbed on the lawn all the way, and then it stopped at a distance of ten meters! The heel of the humanoid mecha sunk deep into the soil.

Wen Ying pressed ten instructions before pulling out her foot.

On the console, the yellow light warning of 30% loss flashed three times!

“That’s great.” Wen Ying sighed. Just now, a series of attacks has completely mobilized her emotions. If she continued to fight, she would be unstoppable, but it is not so easy to stop her. So Allen made a quick decision and used a powerful weapon!

This exposed that he was not like what people said, only winning by grinding people. When necessary, his action was also quite decisive.

After this attack, the situation in the field was reversed. Allen’s attack was not as fierce as Wen Ying, but it was like an invisible wind. No matter where Wen Ying hid, she would be swiped by the lion’s claws!

The advantage of her preemption disappeared.

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