WFILTU Chapter 385 – Ambiguities II

Suddenly, everyone looked at him.

Senior Brother Bai explained: “We finally got a flower in our office. It will be used to attract resources to help in the future. How can we have a master of famous flowers early? Younger sister, you are still young. Don’t be impulsive——”

Xue Jiao smiled: “How could this be. Don’t talk nonsense, Senior Brother Bai.”

“That’s good. You’re the only flower in our office.” Senior brother Bai patted his heart.

“What about me?” Senior sister Niu asked.

Senior brother Bai looked back and frowned, “Are you still considered a woman?”

“Bai Zhenping——” Senior sister Niu shouted and chased Senior brother Bai.

“You can’t hit me! You can’t hit me! Hahahaha!”

Zheng Jiakun shrugged helplessly and said with an helpless expression, “Let’s start.”

“Alright.” Xue Jiao responded. She opened the book and had a look first.

After that, until the beginning of school, Xue Jiao helped in the office. In the words of senior brother Bai, it was——

With a calculator that can calculate, who would calculate by themselves?

Xue Jiao was that calculator……

Two days before the official opening of school, the work of Professor Tan on this project was also officially completed.

Hence, Professor Tan asked Xue Jiao to return and rest for two days to prepare for school.

August 15, official registration date.

On this day, Tsinghua University was very busy. People came and went in the school, mainly freshmen who reported, and many older students were helping.

Teachers, students, parents, people came and went.

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Chinese redbud building, third floor, room 31.

When Shu Lan entered 31, two of her roommates had come. One was sitting below, and her parents were making her bed on it.

Another one had already finished spreading her sheets and was sitting alone at the table below.

The senior sister with Shu Lan helped her put down her things, then smiled and left. Shu Lan thanked her again and again and sent her away.

When she came back, the girl sitting alone said her greetings to her.

“Hello, roommate. My name is Mai Jiajia.”

The girl was very cute. She was wearing a cap with a duck tongue, suspenders and shorts, and pinned pen. She also has a pen and a black notebook in her hand.

Shu Lan hurriedly smiled and said: “Hello, my name is Shu Lan.”

On the side, the parents who were making the bed above straightened up and said: “Hey, classmate, this is my child below. She is more on the introverted side. Her name is Ding Qi. Can you guys be a little more tolerant of her.”

“Hello aunt.” Shu Lan said her greetings, then looked at the girl who didn’t speak, “Hello.”

“Hello.” Ding Qi raised her eyebrows.

Shu Lan was surprised inside as the girl did not seem introverted.

Mai Jiajia was holding a lollipop and said with a smile: “Our dormitory has been filled.”

Shu Lan was stunned and took a look at the empty bed. How could it be full?

Ding Qi also said in surprise, “Is there still another person who didn’t come?”

Mai Jiajia licked her lollipops twice. Her round face looked very cute, and her big eyes looked extremely innocent.

“It is full, you all probably don’t know who our roommate is right?”

“Who?” Shu Lan couldn’t help asking.

Ding Qi, who had been sitting, stood up and walked to the empty bed. The name was pasted on the head of the bed.

For a moment, Ding Qi’s voice was slightly surprised, “Gu Xuejiao?!”

Gu Xuejiao?!

Shu Lan was also stunned. Even if she didn’t gossip much, she knew that their mathematics department had a 731 point champion on the college entrance examination this year.

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