WFILTU Chapter 386 – Ambiguities III

“Aiya, Qiqi, you and Gu Xuejiao are roommates. Then you should learn more from her.” The aunt in the upper bunk made the bed and said as she came down.

Ding Qi rolled her eyes. “Mom, we’re already all in college. Do you think it’s the same as high school? College doesn’t just look at studies. If she’s a nerd, what will I learn from her?”

She paused and looked at Mai Jiajia. “Won’t she come? Otherwise, why do you say it’s already full?”

Shulan couldn’t help pausing her hand movements and looked at Mai Jiajia.

Mai Jiajia blinked, ate her lollipop and said, “Because she’s considered a day student.”

“You can still be a day student?!” Ding Qi was surprised with her mother.

Mai Jiajia said with a smile, “It cannot, but special treatment under special circumstances. Her family is close to here and she lives at home every day. It seems that she has agreed upon this with the admissions office before signing up.”

It could still be done like this?

“Is this bed empty?” Ding i’s mother’s heart moved.

Mai Jiajia smiled. “No, this is also her bed. It was given by the school, so it could be convenient for her to live in when the project becomes busy.”

Shu Lan smacked her tongue, “The treatment sure is good……”

“Of course, this is a student that was grabbed.” Mai Jiajia continued to eat her lollipop. She sat on the table and opened her notebook. It was unknown what she was writing.

Ding Qi said somewhat sourly, “Doesn’t she just have a high score? What’s the use of it in college? Nerd……”

Shu Lan looked at her in surprise and thought that this roommate’s character…… might not be so friendly.

Mai Jiajia stopped eating her sugar, then jumped down and closed her book.

“First, don’t be sour. We used to be outstanding in high school. Who hasn’t enjoyed special treatment? People get it by their own strength. Don’t be sour.”

She made Ding Qi blush and just as the other was prepared to rebuke, Mai Jiajia continued to speak

“Second, haven’t you all looked at the school’s official website? For the latest project completion of the mathematics department, the project was led by Professor Tan, and for the participants, the last listed name was—— Gu Xuejiao.”

Shu Lan and Ding Qi were stunned.

Mai Jiajia smiled and her dimple was obvious. “So, during our happy holiday, roommate Gu Xuejiao worked on a project with the professor and played an important role in it. Do you still think she is a nerd?”

Ding Qi’s mother also smacked her tongue “So…… powerful”

She looked at Ding Qi again. “Qiqi, school is starting now. You should also work on more projects with the teacher.”

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“Wait a minute——” Mai Jiajia interrupted and told the truth, “Aunt, unless we undergraduates have great talent, we can’t follow the professor to work on such a big project. It may be fine to do chores, but we don’t leave a name. Of course, we can also apply with the school and do the project ourselves.”

“Then she——”

“Hence, Gu Xuejiao is not a nerd, and she is probably very talented in some way.” Mai Jiajia smiled.

Mai Jiajia spoke too frankly and didn’t save them face at all. Ding Qi stopped talking and didn’t have a good expression.

Shu Lan was curious and asked, “Doesn’t that mean that we won’t be able to see her?”

“It’s not. The day after tomorrow, we can always meet her during military training. If she doesn’t have military training, there will only be the opening ceremony. She is the representative of the freshmans this year.” Mai Jiajia closed her pen and put the book away.

“How do you know so much?” Shu Lan asked, and Ding Qi also looked over.

Mai Jiajia patted the book in her pocket. “This is probably my natural born talent. It’s easy for me to inquire. I found out all this these two days.”

“You’re so powerful.” Shu Lan spoke with envy, this is also someone else’s ability.

Mai Jiajia was probably in a good mood today. She went to Shu Lan and leaned against the bed and said, “you pack your things first. I’ll continue to tell you what I heard today.”

“Alright.” Shu Lan smiled and listened as she packed up her things.

“There are so many outstanding students in our school. First of all, there were six outstanding freshmen in our school last year, that is, the new students last year. One entered the school for half a year and formed a team to start a company, but the profit situation was very good. Another one also worked on a project before entering the school. Now his sophomore standing is almost regarded the same as graduate senior brothers. He’s from the computer department, extremely amazing, and according to the report, it was said that two professors almost fought to rob him. “

“So powerful?” Shu Lan was surprised.

“Yes, very powerful.” Gossip flashed through Mai Jiajia’s eyes, “He was the school grass as soon as he entered the school. His name is Cheng Mingze. Our mathematics department also has an ace, the sophomore Zheng Jiakun.”

After finishing speaking about sophomore year, Mai Jiajia also finished her lollipop, threw the garbage into the trash can and continued to say, “we also have a lot of amazing people this time, but the movement is not big. Gu Xuejiao is one, and Chu Sheng of the physics department is also one. He also worked on the project with the teacher in advance. There are three very famous ones. I haven’t found out the specific deeds.”

Shu Lan envied, “you’re really good. You know so much already.”

Ding Qi interrupted her, “What’s the use of knowing these?”

“There’s no use.” Mai Jiajia placed her hand in her pocket and swaggered out, “just interesting and a hobby.”

Ding Qi: “……”

Shu Lan: “……”

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