SAPPS Chapter 37

Damocles Military Academy was very similar to the universities in her original world, except that it was closed to the outside from Monday to Friday, and there were many training grounds.

The military academy’s training ground was completely different from the Star 3212 training ground. There were not only open venues, but also simulation rooms to provide students with simulated combat. In a word, technology and money were reflected incisively and vividly in the various training simulation rooms.

Wei San came into the classroom with her school bag on her back. As soon as she sat down, the temporarily selected monitor began to send out forms for them to fill in.

She hasn’t started much on the classes these days, but there were a lot of random, messy forms that she filled out.

“Fill it out and give it to me. We’ll go directly to the mecha field later. The teacher is waiting for us over there.” The monitor said as he collected the form.

A student who knew in advance immediately asked excitedly, “Go to the mecha field. Is it to distribute the mechas?”

This question immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

The monitor shook his head: “I also don’t know. It should be so.”

“Are they really going to distribute it to us? I finally will have my own mecha.”

“Not only do they distribute it, I heard you can choose them by yourself.”

“Write quickly and go to the mecha field after writing.”

The class was boiling, and most of the people looked excited. They filled in the forms quickly, and Wei San also filled in the forms quickly. She wanted to know how it felt to get started with an A-class mecha.

After everyone filled out the forms, the monitor took them to the mecha field. The teacher was waiting there.

The teacher pulled out three boxes from behind him very fiercely: “Pick it yourself.”

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The box was full of necklaces. More accurately, there was a mecha in each necklace. Using space folding technology, the mecha was stored in a special material into a coin sized ball, and then made into a necklace shape for easy carrying.

“From left to right are light mecha, medium mecha and heavy mecha.” The teacher looked at the students in the class, “You can choose which type you are suitable for. In addition, if some students don’t know the difference between the three kinds of machine armor, you can not choose first. Each training room has a public machine armor. It’s the same to pick after you try it.”

Most of the students did not hesitate and went straight to the type of mecha they wanted. Obviously, they had practiced all kinds of mecha before coming to the military school and knew what type of mecha they were suitable for.

The two other students didn’t move. Wei San observed that one of them had a similar necklace around his neck. Although the other didn’t have a necklace around his neck, he subconsciously touched the ring on his finger.

Wei San was distracted. He actually had a ring shape. It’s very fashionable.

She went up to the middle and was ready to get a mecha.

“What are you doing?” Xiang Minghua blocked the student who wanted to come up.

Wei San was blocked, paused and said, “Teacher, I’m picking my mecha.”

Xiang Minghua frowned when he heard this: “These mecha won’t run away. Don’t rush in this moment.”

He read the materials of all the students in this class. There were two students from unknown stars in the class. Xiang Minghua remembered them.

Every year, a small number of unnamed star students come to the five military academies, but they often have the highest elimination rate every year. The vast majority of students in the military academy began to practice mecha since they went to school, not to mention that some top aristocratic families have their own mechas and their own training grounds. As known by all, unnamed stars lacked resources and they have no chance to come into contact with Grade A mechas, let alone distinguish the three types of mecha.

Damocles Military Academy knew this situation would occur, so it has always asked teachers to notice more students from unknown stars, and so there would be a kind of treatment here. No matter where the students came from or what their foundation is, other military schools strictly implement the elimination system from the beginning of the freshmen admission. Therefore, Damocles Military Academy was often ridiculed by other military academies and jokingly called “Caotai1*Caotai – meaning “Grass Stage” – a stage for everyone military academy”, which could accept anyone.

“I’m pretty in a hurry.” Wei San said sincerely.

Xiang Minghua: “? ? ?”

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