SOOEW Chapter 295 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XVII

It could be said that the opening start had actually exhausted what she has learned recently. Otherwise, how could she suppress Allen who has studied for ten years in less than a month?

So without hesitation, she shouted, “Chris——”

Chris, who had been standing idly by, had to turn into intelligent AI to share his worries and

work for his master.

As soon as he entered the battle, the fighting mode of mecha obviously changed.

Allen on the other side also changed slightly. Naturally, he could see that Wen Ying had not “enabled” Chris until this moment. Thinking of Chris’s ability, he retreated. However, soon, his eyes flickered slightly and he rushed up with his teeth!

Chris’s ability was far better than Allen’s, not to mention the difference between the two men’s mecha. As soon as he played, the situation changed from a lion attacking a man to a hunter killing a lion!

The changing situation on the field couldn’t help but make the audience scream in satisfaction!

A knowledgeable person soon caught a glimpse of the truth. The style of mecha combat has changed greatly. It was likely that this person had a soul piece, but in this world, soul pieces have always only been used to connect man-machine and primary teaching. It was very rare to achieve this level. Curious, they couldn’t help watching the battle more attentively. Some people opened video recording, and others started recording with virtual documents.

Just when the audience was full of enthusiasm and expectation for the game, there was a change in the field that they wanted to mention!

The lion mecha manipulated by Allen opened its mouth for the second time, and the particle light energy gun gradually converged in its mouth like scattered light spots, forming an energy potential and ready to go. This time, it accurately aimed at the heart of the human mecha, that was, the place where the mecha cabin was located!

Chris had just cut off its tail with the power of a sword. He turned back suddenly and saw the lion’s mouth pointing at himself!

Seeing that he was about to be hit, between lightning, stone and fire, he quickly dodged to the left!

Although he would still be hit this time, it’s nothing compared to the damage of the aircraft cabin. Anyone who saw it would praise him for his quick response.


The huge light energy brightened the screen and Wen Ying’s breath stalled. No, not right, there was a flash in her mind, simulating his speed in the past and the track of the scene. She suddenly realized that he could escape! With Chris’s ability, he could escape the blow unscathed!

“Chris! !”

Her cry was one tone higher than usual, and the right arm of the humanoid mecha had been removed by this blow!

The impact force of the afterwave made the whole fuselage retreat, exposing the exposed joint connection line at the shoulder of the mecha. It lost an arm, and the center of gravity of the fuselage changed. Suddenly, a rebound violently hit the waist and abdomen of the mecha, and the unbalanced humanoid mecha was hit to the ground!

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In the following time, once the humanoid mecha has the tendency to stand up from the ground, it will be strongly attacked by it.

The particle light energy gun had three hits, but at this time, Allen’s caution came out again. He chose to use another skill of the male lion mecha to create damage. Once it came and went, the huge impact force will also bring 90% damage to the human mecha. When it reached this level, there would be no doubt that Wen Ying lost the game.

The connection between Chris and Wen Ying was disconnected for a few seconds. When he wanted to connect again, Wen Ying shouted to him in quick anger: “Get out!”

Surprised, he couldn’t connect.

At this time, she has put her hand on the console again. It is obvious that she was ready to control it by herself.

Chris was about to say something when suddenly his “look” changed.

There was a terrible change in the mecha cabin, and a sudden surge of mental power, like the steep rising waves under the strong wind, which made him feel threatened by being swallowed.

Obviously, apart from him, there was only Wen Ying here.

However, even with the increase of mental strength, the disadvantage of the humanoid mecha has been obvious in this game. If she couldn’t even stand up, and even the weapon’s alloy sword fell to the ground with it’s right arm, how could it fight?

There were values in all parts of the body of the mecha. In the case of imbalance between the left and right sides, many operation keys have to make subtle adjustments and changes. However, even if Wen Ying had the help of “Lingguang”, there was still too little time for her,

The yellow light on the console turned into a red light. Under the collision of the male lion’s mecha, it keeps beeping!

Damage 65%……

The mecha was hit on the ruins and made a loud noise.

Damage 73%……

The wall cracked,

Damage 82%……

“Finally.” She spoke to herself.

Chris had no reason to feel guilty, “Beatrice……”

Wen Ying ignored him and didn’t answer him. She smiled.

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