WFILTU Chapter 387 – Ambiguities IV

Shu Lan also thought she would only see Gu Xuejiao at military training, but when she returned to the dormitory at noon the next day, she noticed a girl making her bed on the opposite bed.

Shu Lan was stunned.

This was…… Gu Xuejiao?

The girl heard movements and turned around.

What kind of face is that? Shu Lan found it hard to describe. It was good-looking, very good-looking. She only had this idea.

But soon, she realized that she had seen her before.

“Hello, my name is Gu Xuejiao.” Xue Jiao smiled at the girl who looked at her foolishly from the opposite side.

The other girl was stunned and hurriedly said, “Hello, my name is Shu Lan.”

“Shu Lan.” Xue Jiao repeated and smiled slightly.

With the way she smiled, Shu Lan was stunned again and looked at her in amazement.

Xue Jiao bowed her head and continued to clean up.

After a moment, Shu Lan suddenly said, “We’ve actually met before.”

Xue Jiao paused, then looked up and wondered “Ah?”

Shu Lan smiled, shook her head and said, “At the beginning of last year, on the Great Wall.”

Early last year?

Xue Jiao recalled that at the beginning of last year, she happened to participate in the competition in Beijing. The teacher of Qizhong school brought them to the Great Wall, and then……

Then she met a very annoying girl.

Alright, Xue Jiao remembered it.

She only remembered the annoying girl that day and couldn’t remember Shu Lan.

“Alright, what a coincidence.”

Shu Lan also smiled shyly. “I think it’s a coincidence, too.”

Xue Jiao spread the quilt and asked her “By the way, that girl……”

She doesn’t know the girl’s name.

Shu Lan knew that she was talking about Lin Yinyin. When they had dinner together, Lin Yinyin and they had to wait to see the person who had dinner with Xue Jiao.

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As a result, Lin Yinyin was scared into fleeing and was not willing to say anything.

“She’s attending the Beijing Institute of Technology.” Shulan said with a smile.

Xue Jiao also smiled. “That’s fine. Fortunately, I don’t have to be classmates with her.”

At this time, another girl returned. She looked lovely and her eyes turned. She looked very spiritual.

The girl stood at the door in surprise and rushed over——

“Ah big ace, you’re here!! I’m Mai Jiajia. I like you so much——” Mai Jiajia rushed over and hung on the bedstead with an excited face.

Xue Jiao was stunned for a long time before she scratched her head awkwardly. “That……Hello……I’m Gu Xuejiao……”

“Jiao Jiao, you can call me Jiajia. I think we are pretty well matched. Our names sound very similar!” Mai Jiajia blinked desperately.

Xue Jiao looked at Shu Lan blankly, and then looked at Mai Jiajia with some embarrassment——


“I’ll help you clean up!” Mai Jiajia volunteered.

“I’ve already finished unpacking.” Xue Jiao shook her head and got off the bed.

This was the first time she had come to the dormitory in her life. It felt very good……

Shu Lan and Mai Jiajia both gave her a good feeling.

“Let’s go to dinner together?” Mai Jiajia blinked.

“Ok.” Xue Jiao agreed.

In fact, she didn’t plan to come today. She was going to look at the mathematical model again, but Cheng Shuo said that it was just the beginning of school. She should come to school to meet her roommates and make some friends.

College could no longer be like high school, barely having any friends.

Hence, Xue Jiao came.

En…… it felt quite good……

Shu Lan and Mai Jiajia walked on the side of the Xue Jiao. Mai Jiajia held her tightly. When they went out, they met another girl who came in the living room.

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