SAPPS Chapter 38

After reading the basic knowledge of mecha, Wei San has set her own choice goal. Heavy mecha required the most weapons and shells, which consumed too much energy, and usually spent more money on training than the other two types of mecha. Light mecha was better at investigation and flight, and its development direction was limited. The medium-sized mecha was different. The development direction was flexible, and it was also convenient to transform in the future. She decided to select the type of mecha at a glance.

“Wei San, right? You stand next to me.” Xiang Minghua endured it and recited several times without losing his temper. “If you can come out of an unknown star, your brain should be fine. It’s not good for you to rush to pick a mecha now. Take a look at Nie Haoqi and learn from his calmness.”

Nie Haoqi was another unknown star student in the class.

“Isn’t mecha relying on force?” Wei San thought and said, “I don’t use my brain.”

Xiang Minghua: “……” Very good. They met a thorn on the first day of class.

“Let me repeat myself, it’s not good for you to pick a mecha before you try them.” Xiang Minghua looked at the student. “If you really want to insist, I have no right to stop you. I just hope you don’t regret it in the future.”

“Thank you, teacher. Then I’ll choose now.” Besides poverty which could change Wei San’s decision, everyone else had no place to do so.

Seeing her insistence, Xiang Minghua had to step aside and finally reminded her: “If you don’t adapt before the end of this semester, you can have a chance to apply for a new mecha.”

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“Ok teacher.”

Except for a few people who didn’t pick their mecha, others all had a necklace.

Xiang Minghua stood at the front. He only picked up a necklace after they had verified their identities on the necklace, and then he released the mecha in front of all the students,

Wei San looked up at the mecha and exclaimed that the school was really rich. 80% of the mecha was made of Youjin.

“The first lesson is very simple. It’s to learn how to take out and put back your mecha.” Xiang Minghua played with the necklace in his hand. “The battlefield is changing rapidly. Every second you waste, the enemy will have another chance to kill you. Therefore, the time spent in retracting and releasing the mecha should be as short as possible. While you’re practicing by yourself, the class monitor will watch you for me.”

Xiang Minghua took back his mecha in the blink of an eye,  then left this sentence, and threw the students here. He took Nie Haoqi away to train alone.

Wei San found an open space and slowly pressed the switch. A light yellow mecha immediately appeared out of thin air. She pressed the switch again, and the mecha disappeared into thin air.


Fortunately, Wei San didn’t study this in her original world, otherwise she could play for several days.

Wei San has been practicing the retraction and release of the mecha and carefully completed the homework assigned by the teacher, but many students have entered the mecha cabin and began to get familiar with their own mecha.

Those students with mecha also released their own mecha, which was obviously different from that of the school.

“Fuck, is this a spider variant mecha?”

Immediately, some students even ignored their own mecha and came together to touch it excitedly.

“Mountain Cat?! Ah ah ah ah, my favorite mecha.”

The venue was boiling all of a sudden, and they gathered around to look.

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