SOOEW Chapter 296 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XVIII

The tragic situation was one-sided, letting the audience stare wide eyed, not missing a second. At the next moment, the left arm of the humanoid mecha was also broken from the shoulder. There were also small attack weapons hidden in the arm. Just when everyone thought that “Cinderella” would run out of weapons before the arm was scrapped, the left shoulder of the humanoid mecha suddenly hit the wall and completely knocked the arm down!

The audience was surprised!

In the mecha cabin, the numbers on the screen kept jumping, and the body values on both shoulders reached a relatively balanced state again.

Chris seemed to realize something and suddenly looked at the outside screen.

Allen had been a little tired when he operated the mecha to attack one after another. In addition, it was difficult to cause damage to the human mecha because all its weapons were lost. He thought the time was ripe and sent out the last wave of particle light energy cannon. As he wanted to rush his tusks at the other, he couldn’t help but relax.

At this moment——

The humanoid mecha picked up the alloy sword on its toes, then flew up and kicked the hilt in the air. The tip of the sword, like a laser, stabbed the lion’s mouth!

Right at the throat!

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The accumulated particle light energy cannon was restrained, and the blazing white light could not shoot at the enemy, and exploded in its own throat!

Grass scraps flew like dust, and with the dust points raising a barrier like smoke and dust. The smoke and dust dissipated, and the re-emergence of the male lion’s mecha was broken and embarrassed, and the golden light shine no longer appeared.

There was silence everywhere at the scene.

After a moment, there was continuous applause on the field!

The people who had come to watch the war for Allen were awed. They had only seen the “Bloodbath Warrior” counterattack last minute. This was the first time that they saw him badly hit when he had the absolute advantage. People couldn’t help but have infinite curiosity about “Cinderella”.

A communication connection came from the lion’s cabin. Allen appeared on the screen with a pale face and fine sweat on his forehead. Losing to the same person in almost the same way twice in a row undoubtedly cast a shadow on him, just like a nightmare, but the sentence “I lost” could not be said.

He could see that it was controlled by Chris in the middle. Of course, he also knew that the person who really beat him was “Cinderella” themself at the end.

Wen Ying loosened the handle, looked cold, yet smiled at him: “Even if someone helps you, I will still win.”

After exiting the star network, Wen Ying picked the bracelet and threw it on the table, making a “Dong” sound.

Chris felt a concussion in his head and coughed softly. He didn’t dare to speak.

At that time when he dodged, he was suspected of releasing water, but after all, he was not a real intelligent AI that could completely obey the current operator. Under the conditions in which Allen didn’t have a soul piece, he would naturally feel embarrassed if he bullied the weak as the strong. This idea clouded his judgment.

Just when he wanted to explain, he heard the omega, who had always been weak and obedient in reality, suddenly say coldly, “You actually didn’t reset the system, did you?”

He paused.

“You still remember Allen. You want to return to him, so you defected.” Her condescending gaze showed her indifference, and her next words were even more terrible, “You are actually not an intelligent AI, right? If the robot operation level of intelligent AI could reach your level, human beings would have been eliminated by robots.”


Small theater:

Chris: (shivering) honey, you’re really scary.

Wen Ying: ……

Chris: (flattering) my sweetheart broke the mecha arm. It’s like a broken Venus. Oh, my goddess!

Wen Ying: …… (Throws the bracelet into the fire)

Chris: Death.

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