SOOEW Chapter 297 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XIX

The metal bracelet lay quietly on the table, as if it were a dead object. The air in the room condensed, and no one spoke for a while.

The Omega’s soft and clear voice sounded, “Aren’t you going to say something?”

“I didn’t expect you to find out.” Chris finally opened his mouth, and his tone seemed a little distressed. “Yes, I’m not an intelligent AI, and I don’t have the function of memory clearing. Yes, I’m a human, and I became like this after an accident. And——”

“No, I have no idea of returning to Allen.”

“You want to say that although you deliberately lost to Allen, you were just being duplicitous and your actions ran counter to your ideas?” Her smile was very sweet. Anyone could see the shadow of her eyes. Combined with her action of killing the “Lion”, it was particularly frightening.

“..……” Chris coughed again. “My dear master, compared to this small problem, shouldn’t your attention reside more on, ‘I am human’, this problem that requires your focus more?”

What he said was true. After hearing this heavy news, how could ordinary people pay attention to anything else?

Just like Chris, when he noticed that she was angry, he was ready for the failure of camouflage for preparing for a system reset, but he didn’t expect to be stunned by another bomb she threw, and even forgot his previous words.

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Who knew that she wouldn’t buy it at all and showed her attitude of refusing people thousands of miles away, “Call me Miss Clark, thank you. If you told me you were human at the beginning, then alright, I’d would view you as a person. I would be willing to listen to your experience and your troubles. If there was anything that could help you, I would be willing to do it, but when I think that you are an intelligent AI, you provide convenience for my opponent in the battle related to my honor, resulting in my wrong judgment, and almost losing the game, then, I’m sorry. Even if you were really human, in my eyes, you are only just a person who betrays their partner and a self righteous person! “

Chris listened and only felt that his breath was stuck.

The severe accusation of “betraying their partner” immediately made him swallow all his arguments back to his stomach, and even his frivolous attitude was restrained.

Her image in the competition was like a flame, which lit up everyone’s eyes and made people think she was strong, brave and omnipotent. But now, he seemed to be able to detect some other emotions from her strong tone of disgust.

He suddenly realized that even if she was still saying “your soul piece” to Allen, she often put on the arrogant posture of a noble lady and choked him, but in fact, she gained invisible trust in him during the process of teaching her. His performance obviously failed to live up to this trust.

She continued, “It’s just right, ‘Bloodbath Warrior’ wants to remit me a sum of money equal to you. You can take this opportunity to go return to him.”

This time he reacted quickly: “This money is the bet for the game, and you deserve it.”

“Then take it as your salary as my mecha instructor.” She spoke indifferently.

Chris felt frustrated for no reason. When she said “I’m willing to listen to what happened to you, and I’m willing to do it if I can help you”, she was so soft that he felt that he had brutally killed the kindness and tenderness in her heart, forcing her to stab people.

In fact, she was right. He was quite self-centered. Otherwise, he would not have taken the opportunity to escape the control of his family when he was assessed by the college. At that time, the college only asked him to approach the star theft group and complete a fairly simple task, but he contacted the military headquarters without authorization and turned it into a long-term task.

In this process, he hardly communicated with members of the Ackerman family. Of course, he believed that a family full of political indifference would not care about his life and death.

It wasn’t until this moment, that his thoughts became looser.

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