WFILTU Chapter 389 – Like I

Xue Jiao was stunned and stared at Lin Zhihua.

After a moment, there was a sound behind her, and Lin Zhihua opened the door.

“Jiao Jiao, enter the car.”

As he finished speaking, he let her go and took a step back.

“Oh ohohoh, alright.” Xue Jiao sat in rigidly.

She had actually thought just now……

Ah ah ah ah ah, stop thinking randomly!!

Xue Jiao breathed heavily. She just felt her heart jump fast again. She breathed several times before she calmed down.

Xue Jiao didn’t know that the person outside the car was panting louder than her.

It took Lin Zhihua a lot of effort to stabilize his excited heart. He almost kissed her just now.

Xue Jiao hadn’t been enlightened yet. Her current attribute was a tortoise. Whenever his actions crossed the boundary, the tortoise would immediately retract her head and never rise again.

Lin Zhihua continued to endure.

He will continue to wait, he can’t rush.

At noon in September, the weather was the hottest. Coupled with his beating heart, Lin Zhihua’s back was wet.

Patience was a very difficult thing.

Lin Zhihua got in the car. When the air conditioning blew, he calmed down and gently raised his mouth——

“Let’s go, that black chicken has been waiting for a long time.”

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His voice sounded the same as usual. Xue Jiao was relieved and also calmed down.

She didn’t put the strange heartbeat just now into her thoughts. She just thought she was frightened. Lin Zhihua…… was still her teacher-like friend. 1*RIP, teacher zoned lmfao

The car passed smoothly towards Wuliu Lane.

It was still the familiar room, the garden with the word “expensive”, and the two sat at a small table.

There were four dishes on the table, a black chicken that was stewed all night, steamed fish,  stir fried seasonal vegetables, and roasted goose liver.

They were the simplest dishes, but in the hands of the boss, they were a different type of delicious, it’s taste a must.

Lin Zhihua scooped a bowl of soup for her first and handed it to her. “Come, nourish your body. You’ve been tired these thirty days.”

Xue Jiao received it with a smile, nodded and shook her head. “It was very tiring. After it though, there’s no feeling.”

She took a mouthful of the soup and almost swallowed her tongue.

“It’s too delicious!!”

Lin Zhihua chuckled, “Alright, it seems that it’s really hard, so you would like medicine soup so much.”

“Medicine soup?” Xue Jiao was stunned again. She looked down at the soup in the bowl. The color was slightly yellow, with goji berries and some messy things floating on it.

Lin Zhihua added another piece of fish for her and said with a smile, “There are many kinds of medicinal materials in it, but it seems that you still like it.”

“I really didn’t taste it……”

“I was actually afraid you wouldn’t like it. Since so, drink more.” Lin Zhihua said with a smile.

He stewed it himself last night. Her military training was very hard. Although she didn’t say it, he knew it.

This period of time was not only a kind of exercise for the body, but also a loss. This medicine soup was prepared through the recipe of an old traditional Chinese medicine and stewed in the soup. It tasted very shallow. If she could drink more, she should drink more.

“I like it——” Xue Jiao drank it quickly while blowing on it, and then Lin Zhihua filled another bowl and put it aside to cool down.

Xue Jiao ate first. It was still the same deliciousness.

“Although military training was very tiring, it is also a rare experience. There would be no such experience in the future.” Lin Zhihua said as he clipped the dishes.

Xue Jiao also stretched out her chopsticks and clipped dishes for Lin Zhihua. “Don’t just let me eat, you should also eat.”

They gradually realized that there was no need to use for the public chopsticks.

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