SOOEW Chapter 298 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XX

“Have you decided?” He heard her ask.

He took out his cautious attitude that he had never had before and asked in an uncertain tone, “Since you let me decide, then.……can I continue to accompany you?”

She seemed surprised that he would give such an answer and remained silent for a moment. Instead of asking him why he stayed, she answered with the word “ok” and asked again, “will you betray me again?”

“Of course not!”

He wanted to swear and let her know his attitude of wholeheartedly changing, but at the same time, there was a trace of confusion and laughter. Did he want to stay to make up for his mistakes just because he felt ashamed towards her?

It’s rare for her to put forward such a suggestion, so the most rational answer at this time should be to choose to go to Allen. After all, they still have an agreement, and the previous relationship and communication were also very happy. He could help himself achieve his goal faster. After returning to the Ackerman family, he could naturally give substantial compensation.

But Beatrice……

Somehow, in the face of her, he couldn’t say anything to leave when he found her gradually indifferent attitude after her anger.

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At least at this moment, he couldn’t say it.

After the quarrel, when they got along and talked to each other, there was always a lingering condensation and embarrassment in the atmosphere. Fortunately, Chris had a thick skin. Even if she doesn’t want to answer, he could talk to himself for a long time. Especially during the mecha training, his teaching attitude was quite positive. He wanted to cram all the knowledge and experience in his mind into her, causing Wen Ying to block the permission to use the soul piece in annoyance, so that he could shut his mouth.

Her star net’s ID “Cinderella with a Submachine Gun” could be said to have become famous with one battle. All kinds of people, including entertainment companies and battle clubs, came to contact her. Not to mention, every time she logged into the star net, the challenge invitations would fly into her head with the carrier pigeons.

Fighting with people was the best training method. Wen Ying occasionally chose one or two to fight, to experiment with her latest skills.

After the battle in which Chris pitted her, because of her anger, her mental strength broke through the bars chaining her back and had an explosive growth. According to z942121, the role of “spiritual light” was not only in learning, but also in the exercise of spiritual power. It would also have a qualitative change moment of “spiritual light”. However, compared with conventional technical learning, there were few opportunities to get it in terms of spiritual power and physique. But even so, this is probably what people dreamed of.

Wen Ying was satisfied with this. When her mental strength was enough to rival Chris, she thought it was time to exercise her grade C physique that was like waste wood.

Just then, at midnight one day, she received a text message from Cyril, telling her that the mecha had been made, and asked her how she wanted to receive it. Listening to his tone, he probably wanted her to choose the way of mailing and didn’t want to bother to deal with her head-on.

But Wen Ying remembered something that would happen soon. When she received the message, she went immediately into the laboratory. Soon after, she came out with a green medicine.

Chris asked, “What is this?”

“Sobering agent.”

“What’s it for?”

She didn’t answer, but said, “If we go to the military department tomorrow, you may see Allen. You can consider whether you want to go back to him.”


Chris was afraid to speak.

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