SAPPS Chapter 41

Wei San looked down at her sleeves and looked up warily at the thin middle-aged man. She didn’t notice when the other party approached.

The thin middle-aged man wanted to see what she was thinking. He suddenly smiled and said, “Us brokers still have the ability to look.”

“What are your ways to make money?” Wei San hesitated for a moment and asked him.

The thin middle-aged man stretched out a hand: “First let me introduce myself. My name is Lao Chang.”

Wei San shook his hand and reminded him, “What’s the process of making money.”

Lao Chang asked, “Based on your aura, you don’t look like an ordinary person. You should be very powerful. Do you want to go underground to play in the underground competition? You’re completely free in your time. You can come any day.”

Underground competition?

Wei San immediately thought of the underground boxing match in her original world, regardless of life and death.

“Will it cause death?”

Lao Chang smiled and said, “Most people will show mercy, but there are always some neuropathics playing in the underground competition.”

“Not going.” Wei San refused simply.

Lao Chang was not surprised. He just whispered before leaving: “Very unfortunate, every battle is hundreds of thousands of stars.”


“Wait.” Wei San shouted at Lao Chang, “Hundreds of thousands of stars for one game?”

Lao Chang shook his head: “Forget it. As a student, you probably can’t play any powerful games and delay your studies.”

“If it is worth hundreds of thousands of stars in a game, I’ll go.” Wei San said directly.

“What a straightforward person!” Lao Chang was a thief and pulled Wei San into the corner. “I’ll talk about the rules of the underground competition first, and then you decide whether to go or not. I always do things and always pay attention to integrity.”

“Alright, you say.”

Lao Chang opened his light brain, and a panel appeared in front of them, all ranking.

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“This is the popular player in L3 now. They would be rewarded with 500,000 star coins if they win a game. However, if you want to rise to L3, you need strong strength.” Lao Chang paused and said, “There are six levels of L0-L5 in the underground competition. The newcomers are L0. Those are worth 5,000 star coins and ten points for each game, and the accumulated 1,000 points can be raised to L1. However, the corresponding points will be deducted for each game lost.”

Wei San frowned: “So it takes a hundred games to get a promotion, and you need to win every game.”

Lao Chang nodded: “According to common sense, this is the case, but it takes too much time and is not conducive to upgrading, so there is another rule. After the low-level is full of corresponding points, you can challenge the last ranking of the upper level. The other party must accept the challenge. If you win, you can occupy the other party’s ranking and points, and the other party needs to start from scratch. L0 only needs 100 points to challenge, that is, win ten games.”

“L5, how many star coins?”

“L5? L4 people don’t often compete, and L5 belongs to the legendary level. Anyway, I haven’t seen L5 people compete. You just need to know L0 to L3.” Lao Chang smiled, “In addition, L1 won 20,000 star coins and 100 points in a game, and it takes 10,000 to upgrade L2 points. For each game, you can get 100,000 star coins and 10000 points. L3 needs millions of points to enter, and at this time, you can get 500,000 star coins and one million points if you win a game. For L1 challenge, you need to accumulate 3000 points, and L2 has 500,000 points to challenge.”

The higher the level, the greater the score.

Wei San thought about it and asked, “Do you provide mecha?”

Lao Chang gives a thumbs up: “Of course, you enter at L0, and everyone has a mecha of the same specification, but you can use points to transform them in the underground mall in the later stage. In addition, if you feel inconvenient, you can wear a mask to compete. Our underground competition attaches great importance to privacy.”

Wei San looked at Lao Chang and said, “What benefits can you get by pulling me in?”

“This, well, I receive a commission for each person. In the future, if you rank higher, I can get a lot of introduction fees.” Lao Chang patted Wei San on the shoulder, “I’ve been observing since you entered Tuma Lane. People who don’t care about their face at this age are really rare. I’m optimistic about you and feel that you can expect to do well in the future!”

Wei San: “……” why doesn’t she care about her face?

Finally, she promised to take part in the underground competition, followed Lao Chang around seven or eight turns, and finally got to the place.

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