SOOEW Chapter 299 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXI

In fact, Allen doesn’t know the real identity of “Cinderella”. Seeing her appearance, it seems that she has no thoughts to announce her identity. No matter what, she won’t give him to Allen face to face, but if he said a few more words, that may not be necessary.

Once again, when she came to the place where the military department was located, Wen Ying had no tension when she fled here for the first time and became very relaxed.

It was estimated that it happened to hit the recess time. There were many Beta haunts on the road. Alpha, for example, would emerge in the crowd from time to time. They were tall, powerful and outstanding. When the Omega pheromone attracted by it was found, it could not help but move in the direction of Wen Ying. It seemed that some people were eager to try and seemed to want to chat her up.

Chris: “This is the worst Alpha I’ve ever seen! The pheromone like it was diluted by the water in your laboratory. It’s terrible. There’s nothing to look at. My dear master will definitely find a better one. Trust me!”

“It’s Miss Clark, thank you.”

She didn’t listen to a word, but corrected her name.

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At this time, a fairly strong alpha pheromone came, which was enough to make the Omegas with low control blush and quicken heartbeats, and even produce the emotion that her legs were soft and wanted to surrender. Even Wen Ying unconsciously looked in his direction.

——It’s Cyril.

He was wearing a military uniform, the discipline button was strictly fastened, but the camouflaged glasses were missing, so that Alpha’s unique male tension came to his face.

“Why not take the Omega channel?” His habitually alienated smile even contained some ridicule, “Can you not spread your ‘Charm’ in the military department, Miss Omega?”

“Cyril!” She hurried to him, ignored his question, and called him with joy. Then, her green eyes looked at him and asked expectantly, “Are you here to pick me up?”

There were whispers around.

“Is she Cyril’s fiancee?” “He doesn’t have a fiancee. I haven’t heard that the Swift family created an engagement for him.” “Maybe soon.”

Again, Cyril raised his brows quickly, which was his displeasure, but he was always able to hide his emotions, so what others saw was still Cyril who smiled while addressing others.

Wen Ying fiddled with the bracelet and hid it in her sleeve, ignoring the male voice as loud as a bell in her mind.

Cyril took her to their training ground. He applied for an independent training room——the last time Allen was in heat, he was taken here for the injection. He took out the mecha space button and released it in front of Wen Ying.

The beautiful and gorgeous shape tended to be small and exquisite for women, her limbs slender. The whole mecha was green like her eyes. Her legs and elbows were made of special materials. They were light ivory white, which seemed to be tough and flexible. The most striking thing was that the pair of wings on the back crossed the light reflection and traced the lines of feathers, which was quite exquisite.

Wen Ying looked up and said, “Can I try it?”

“Help yourself.”

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