WFILTU Chapter 392 – Like IV

Ding Qi looked at Xue Jiao and said with envy, “I really envy your figure. You never go on a diet.”

“I think Jiao Jiao’s legs are beautiful, long, straight and white.” Shu Lan also followed.

Mai Jiajia shook her head. Today, she had a tall pony tail. When she moved, the pony tail shook and she  said, “Where does my goddess not look good?”

Xue Jiao was helpless “You guys really……”

Mai Jiajia’s eyes lit up and she suddenly said, “Do you know what others say about our dormitory?”

“What?” The three people looked over curiously.

Holding a black book, Mai Jiajia pretended it to be a microphone and said, “301 ah, that’s the dormitory full of beautiful women.”

“Puff——” Xue Jiao couldn’t help laughing.

Ding Qi was happy, “Finally you guys didn’t hold me back.”

“The one dragging us back should be you!”

“You are——”

“Alright, don’t make any noise.” Shu Lan looked helpless.

Mai Jiajia’s eyes turned and she suddenly asked, “Who has been in love? Who is preparing to be in love?”

Suddenly, it was quiet.

Ding Qi muttered, “In high school, we were busy studying. Who dared to fall in love.”

Mai Jiajia ignored her and handed the book to Xue Jiao with a gossiping expression. “Our most beautiful school flower, Gu Xuejiao, have you ever been in love?”

Xue Jiao shook her head helplessly.

Mai Jiajia was not surprised. “There are so many people who like you. Do you have anyone you like?”

When Mai Jiajia said this, Xue Jiao suddenly had Lin Zhihua’s face flash in her mind. She quickly shook her head and dispersed it.


“Fine, our goddess is still the elegant, indifferent goddess.”

Mai Jiajia looked at Ding Qi again, but didn’t give her a chance to speak. “Miss Ding is so grumpy. She must have never been in love. She has high vision. She hasn’t placed anyone in her eyes yet.”

“Mai Jiajia——”

“Keep your voice down. I’m not deaf.”

Ding Qi gasped and stared at her, “Then you have someone you like.”

Mai Jiajia smiled, “I actually do.”

“Who?” even Xue Jiao was curious.

Who does Mai Jiajia like?

“A very interesting nerd——Chu Sheng.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

“That person, Chu Sheng is our physics boss, can he even like you?” Ding Qi was sour.

Mai Jiajia blinked: “Is this important?”


Xue Jiao and Shulan smiled. Mai Jiajia put the “microphone” in front of Shulan again. “Does Shulan have a boyfriend or someone she likes?”

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They all thought Shulan would shake her head, but in fact, she nodded.

“Do you have someone you like?!” The three were surprised.

“I have a boyfriend.” Shulan whispered.

“What?!” not to mention Xue Jiao, but Mai Jiajia and Ding Qi who stayed with her all day were shocked.

They really couldn’t see it!

“Really ah? What’s going on?!”

Shu Lan bowed her head in embarrassment. “He attends Beijing Institute of Technology. We were high school classmates. We don’t have…… much contact at ordinary times.”

“There is not much contact between boyfriend and girlfriend?” Mai Jiajia frowned.

“His family disagrees.” Shulan’s voice was a little lonely. “His family background is really good so his family doesn’t agree with us. We pretended to break up and doesn’t have much contact.”

“What’s the condition of his family?” Ding Qi frowned.

“A business company is called Shengshi Baikai.”

“It’s the Yu family!” Ding Qi frowned.

The three looked at Ding Qi again, “You know them?”

Ding Qi nodded. “Their family is really powerful, but they can have their current status because they all rely on the Yu family’s husband and wife being dog lickers. The Yu family don’t want much face. You’re in a relationship with the Yu family?.”

Her eyebrows were frowned so tightly that she looked disapproving.

“Yu Cheng is not such a person, but his family……” Shu Lan opened her mouth and looked lonely.

Mai Jiajia looked at Ding Qi and asked, “Do you know anything else about the Yu family?”

“Our family is not as good as his family, and we don’t know much. Just once at the dinner table, I heard my father and them speak about it, the Yu family……” Ding Qi spoke about the rumors of the Yu family.

Xue Jiao and the three were stunned.

Mai Jiajia swallowed her saliva and concluded, “They are really ass kissers ass kissers. They kiss ass until the end, so that whatever they want, they will get……”

Xue Jiao was really shocked. It really has that kind of strength that was not much. They did business by pulling relationships.

The key was that it’s done quite a lot!

Earth, shattering, three, views.

During this meal, the three people basically kept gossiping.

When walking out of the hotel, Ding Qi suddenly said, “Shu Lan, I don’t suggest you continue to fall in love with Yu Cheng. People like the Yu family would only try their best to marry their son off higher. You……”

Shu Lan was desolate and lowered her head.

They could see that she liked Yu Cheng very much.

At this time, there was a lot of noise not far away, and several people looked up.

They’ve been gossiping all day today, causing them to eat a little late and it was getting dark, but the large group of men and women across the street were still very conspicuous.

Shu Lan stopped her steps at once.

The several people wondered.

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  1. Shu Lan needs some cultural education. When you marry someone, in most cases, you’re also marrying their family. Their family doesn’t go away unless you run off to another country, which is a silly thing to do since raising children is much easier with a supportive extended family.

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    • Depends on the guy’s attitude. Marriage means starting your own family and while support is great you shouldn’t let your family affect your future. It’s your life. Look at ML‘s super supportive family trying to murder him because he’s not willing to marry a random chick and have kids. If you need to go against your own feelings to get your family’s support … then it’s not support.

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