SAPPS Chapter 42

Underground factory.

Wei San looked up at two huge words on the sign. The boss of the underground competition was too straightforward and arrogant.

“Come on, I’ll take you in to register.” Lao Chang walked in front of her. Along the way, he took a mask covering half the face from the stall at the door and handed it to Wei San, “It’s free, do you want it?”

Wei San placed on his mask and followed Lao Chang forward. There was a long road at the door, with various vendors on both sides. At first glance, it doesn’t look like an underground competition, but the scent of life was very strong instead.

When they reached the next passage, all the people who came and went had extremely evil spirit. Wei San knew that this was the real gate.

Lao Chang brought the person in front of a machine: “Open the light brain and take this chance to register.”

The steps were very simple. Register your name, bind a underground factory card for point transfer, and go receive a mecha.

Wei San gave herself a name: Bowing down to life.

After all the binding, Wei San found that there were 30 points on the card.

“This is the initial score. The underground factory gave it to you.” Lao Chang opened the map on the machine, “The first floor underground is where the L0 activity is conducted. Your black card can only enter up to here now. There is a free lounge and catering area on this floor. In the future, you can go to the other underground floors, where there is a mall, and points can be used as money.”

Wei San had her own mecha issued by the military academy, so she chose the medium-sized mecha with the bracelet.

After that, Lao Chang explained the structure of the first floor carefully, and then sent Wei San into the elevator: “For the following, you can go by yourself. You can take a look around first. It is best to familiarize yourself first before competing. I’m going to continue to pull people.”

Wei San went down to the ground floor, which was richly decorated. There was a pot of flowers every 100 meters in the corridor. She went to find her own lounge first according to the direction he said just now. It has to be said that the boss of the underground factory has money. The lounge was bigger than her bedroom. There was a bed in it. It was as soft as a cloud. It was much more comfortable than the iron bed of Damocles Military Academy.

She left the lounge and went to the free food area. It was full of all kinds of delicious food. Since it was already like this on the ground floor, it was unknown how luxurious the other floors should be.

Wei San packed a large plate of food and walked to the competition area.

The competition was divided into many venues, and there were people in each venue. When Wei San saw the real mecha competition for the first time, she found a seat to sit down and looked along the side with the most onlookers.

The same black mecha fought the other and fell to the ground. The one closer to the ground supported the ground with one hand, bent his knees and attacked the other party with the falling thrust force. In the next second, the other party reached out to block it, but unexpectedly, it was just a cover. The man on the ground took the opportunity to control the mecha, withdrew from the side, turned over and pressed the other with his body, and a hand knife cleaved the other party’s head.

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“Ten, nine, eight.……three, two, one!” The referee came up to count down, and the person on the ground didn’t get up. “Congratulations on West Landing for winning Game 78!”

Wei San took a strawberry cake and put it into her mouth. She heard the two people in front discuss it.

“West Landing has brain damage right.”

“Maybe he’s afraid of skipping the challenge and failing, so he wants to raise up slowly.”

“He has won 78 games in a row. How could he fail beyond this level, and do you know how many days it took him to win 78 games?”

“How many days?”

“Plus today, it took eight days, ten games a day. If it goes on like this, he will be promoted to L1 in two days.”

Wei San listened silently and looked at the person on the stage. That West Landing had come out of the mecha. He was pretty tall and slender, but he wore a mask and his face was covered from view.

She walked around with her plate and looked around. She felt that the game was fine and not too difficult.

Hence, Wei San decided to compete. She turned on the light brain and clicked the competition button. L0 only had random single PK. Her competition sessions soon came out: [197 challenge arena: Bowing to Life vs. Pink Fierce Man]

This name……

Wei San found the 197 challenge arena channel. The game over there was at the end. She walked into the waiting area.

The waiting area was empty. Wei San looked up at the light curtain on the wall that was broadcasting the match on the 197 challenge arena. As soon as it was over there, the words appeared on the light curtain to remind Bowing to Life that they could enter.

Wei San opened her mecha and controlled the mecha to enter the competition area. There was also a black mecha coming across. It should be the Pink Fierce Man.

After the two people stood on the stage, with the five second countdown, the game officially entered into competition.

The Pink Fierce Man rushed straight over. Wei San looked at his undisguised actions. Several kinds of playing methods had passed in her mind, and she narrowed her eyes to meet him.

In the next second, Wei San watched her own mecha lose control, jump out of the middle of the stage and face the fist of the Pink Fierce Man.

Wei San, who was knocked to the ground by a punch: “……”


The author has something to say: Brain: learned, hand: learned waste.

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