WFILTU Chapter 393 – Like V

Shu Lan looked ahead and slowly opened her mouth: “Yu Cheng.”

Holy crap!

The remaining three stared at her with shocked faces.

“Which one, which one?”

“The one in the black T-shirt.”

The three of them saw that the boy was indeed the brightest one in the crowd, but there were two girls standing beside him.

One stood next to Yu Cheng with a proud face, and the other was very close to Yu Cheng, saying something with a smile.

“Yes, he looks pretty good. Who are the two women?” Ding Qi had just asked when Xue Jiao’s phone rang.

“I’m going to answer a phone call.” Xue Jiao smiled awkwardly.

The three didn’t care about her, so Xue Jiao walked away while answering the phone.

This was just outside the hotel, so it was a little noisy.

“Wei, Dad……”

After Xue Jiao left, Shu Lan continued to explain: “They were all former classmates. They also attended the Beijing Institute of Technology. The one wearing the long skirt was Lin Yinyin. En……she is also the one Yu Cheng’s parents wanted him to marry. However, Lin Yinyin had no special feelings for Yu Cheng. It was unknown why, but she hates me and has been embarrassing me. The other is my good friend, Wen Fangfang.”

“Surnamed Lin?!”, Ding Qi was stunned.

But Mai Jiajia touched her chin. “At first glance, Lin Yinyin is not easy to get along with. Is that Wen Fangfang…… really your friend?”

At this time, among the group, Yu Cheng seemed to feel someone looking at him and turned his head.

He was stunned for a moment, then his eyes lit up and he rushed over directly——

“Shu Lan!”

Yu Cheng ran over and hugged Shu Lan. “I want to die. You don’t pay much attention to me. You don’t come out if you ask me.”

His movement was so loud that several people over there followed him.

Men and women, a total of eight people, slowly approached.

“Lan Lan, I miss you so much!” Fangfang ran over first, then squeezed Yu Cheng away and hugged Shu Lan tightly.

Shu Lan smiled helplessly, “What are you guys……”

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“Lin Yinyin brought Yu Cheng and them to sing. I’m not at ease. I’ll help you watch Yu Cheng.” Fang Fang whispered.

Mai Jiajia sneered. Suddenly, everyone looked at her.

She turned her pen, smiled and said, “Your good friend’s boyfriend was asked out to sing. You didn’t call your friend, but you ran over and stared at him.”

Wen Fangfang was stunned, stared at Mai Jiajia and asked, “Lan Lan, who are they?”

Shu Lan didn’t return to her mind in Mai Jiajia’s sentence. When she heard the speech, she explained, “these are my roommates Mai Jiajia and Ding Qi.”

Wen Fangfang pulled out a smile. “Hello, I’m Wen Fangfang, Shu Lan’s best friend. Thank you for taking care of Shu Lan.”

Mai Jiajia and Ding Qi didn’t talk. Mai Jiajia smiled, while Ding Qi frowned and didn’t know what she was thinking.

At this time, Lin Yinyin also arrived. She was wearing a long skirt and dressed delicately.

When she saw Shu Lan, she immediately frowned slightly and said unhappily: “Shu Lan?”

Shu Lan looked at her and didn’t speak.

Lin Yinyin sneered. She deliberately said: “Long time no see. I’m just going to sing with Yu Cheng. Do you want to join me? I’ll invite you.”

Shu Lan looked at him and said, “No.”

The voice is a little hoarse and unspeakable sadness.

“Ah, Shu Lan, you really don’t want to go? Then……” Wen Fangfang gritted her teeth. “Then I’ll watch for you!”

She lowered her voice and didn’t want Lin Yinyin to hear it.

“You go. I’ll accompany Shu Lan for a while.” Yu Cheng smiled and held Shu Lan’s hand tightly.

Seeing Shu Lan, he was obviously very happy, and his eyes never left Shu Lan.

Lin Yinyin was immediately unhappy. She was spoiled and hated being refuted in public, especially for Shu Lan!

“Yu Cheng, you must go! If you don’t, I’ll tell your father that you and Shulan are mixed up again!”

“Yinyin……” Yu Cheng begged, with a sad face.

Lin Yinyin raised her chin and her attitude was firm.

Wen Fangfang advised, “Yu Cheng, you can go. If your father knows that you and Lan Lan haven’t broken up, he will not let Lan Lan go. You can bear it. Now, when you graduate and enter the company, you won’t be afraid of anything.”

Shu Lan’s eyes were red and she felt extremely wronged.

Lin Yinyin lifted her chin and enjoyed the victory at this moment.

She hates Shu Lan who is better than herself and has better grades. She wouldn’t have embarrassed her so much.

Shu Lan looked indifferent all day. She thought she was a good man. If it hadn’t been for the first time……

She wouldn’t even know she was a white lotus!

Seeing that the white lotus was unhappy, Lin Yinyin was immediately happy.

“Let’s go, Yu Cheng.”

Yu Cheng held Shu Lan’s hand tightly. After a moment, he opened his mouth painfully. “Ok.”

At this time, a voice sounded behind them——

“You guys, what’s the matter?” The voice was very nice, shallow, expressing doubt.

It was Xue Jiao.

Several people looked over together. The girl’s eyes were blank. She obviously didn’t know what had happened.

When she saw her face, Lin Yinyin’s face changed greatly!

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