WFILTU Chapter 394 – Success I

Shu Lan’s heart gave a thump.

She forgot that Xue Jiao and Lin Yinyin had met before!

And they also had formed a feud!

At this moment, Shu Lan was dying of regret.

Thinking of what happened before between Xue Jiao and Lin Yinyin, she should have taken them away earlier!

Lin Yinyin is extremely petty. She always remembered her revenge. After remembering Jiao Jiao……she would definitely embarrass her!

Shu Lan didn’t speak. She just looked at Lin Yinyin, hoping she couldn’t remember Xue Jiao.

Not only did Shu Lan think of the consequences of being recognized by Lin Yinyin, Yu Cheng and Wen Fangfang were also very impressed with this face.

One hand who could make Lin Yinyin suffer a setback, and on the other hand who looked so good that it’s hard to forget her face after seeing it, Yu Cheng would remember it.

But obviously, the other party was with Shu Lan. Yu Cheng didn’t speak and pretended not to know her.

Wen Fangfang’s expression changed. Although she was dissatisfied with Lin Yinyin, she also wanted to please her. A girl who is better than her in everything and dared to directly refute Lin Yinyin to her face, she would always remember such a thing.

Wen Fangfang looked at Lin Yinyin’s strange expression and said, “Ah? It’s you! We’ve met before!”

Xue Jiao looked at her, and she knew this person was probably speaking of the day of the Great Wall last year.

It’s been a long time, so she only remembered Lin Yinyin’s face. As for the others, she didn’t remember either.

Hence, Xue Jiao didn’t speak and went next to Mai Jiajia.

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Wen Fangfang was dragged by Shu Lan’s hand, and Shu Lan prevented her from continuing.

Yet, Fangfang pretended not to notice and continued to say: “We’ve really met, you and Yinyin had a little conflict on the Great Wall last year!”

As soon as these words fell to the ground, Lin Yinyin’s expression suddenly changed.

She glared at Wen Fangfang with a cannibal look.

Wen Fangfang was stunned.

Was this.……anger?

Shouldn’t you glare at this girl? !

Lin Yinyin was so angry that her liver hurted. If this girl really has something to do with her third uncle, she doesn’t dare to offend her!

She couldn’t wait for Xuejiao to forget about the Great Wall. This Wen Fangfang, she really opened the pot she should not.

She glared at Wen Fangfang again——

I won’t spare you!

Then she turned around and looked at Xue Jiao, slowly and rigidly pulling out a smile: “Hello, I’m Lin Yinyin. I’m sorry about the Great Wall before. I’ve always wanted to apologize to you, but I couldn’t find the person.”

Lin Yinyin smiled, her smile was a little scary, but she tried her best to smile.

Shu Lan: “……”

Yu Cheng: “……”

Wen Fangfang: “? ? ?”

Was this fucking Lin Yinyin switched with someone else? !

Xue Jiao was also stunned. Not to mention the first contact they had, after listening to Shu Lan’s description, she also knew that the girl had a bad temper, this……

She didn’t know what had happened, so she just nodded politely and looked at Mai Jiajia: “What’s the matter?”

Mai Jiajia shrugged: “Lin Yinyin threatened Shu Lan’s boyfriend to sing. It’s this simple.”

“Threat?” Xue Jiao was still confused.

Wen Fangfang looked at her and her heart jumped.

This girl who could make Lin Yinyin bend down.……does she have a big background?

She pulled on Shu Lan, smiled and asked, “Lan Lan, is this beauty your roommate, too?”

Shu Lan nodded.

“Hello, my name is Wen Fangfang. I’m Shu Lan’s best friend.” Wen Fangfang smiled, her eyes narrowing.

She was not very beautiful and pretty in appearance, but she looked pure and good when she smiled.

Xue Jiao nodded: “Hello, Gu Xuejiao.”

It was counted as a self introduction and she didn’t speak anymore.

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  1. This chapter reminds me of those martial arts anime where the MC is posing with this huge phantom animal/figure behind him. In this case, Jiao Jiao isn’t aware of the scary bogeyman glaring at her enemies over her shoulder.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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