SAPPS Chapter 43

Wei San was knocked to the ground by the Pink Fierce Man. To be more precise, she swung by with her own fist.

If this was changed to a slightly more powerful person, not much. As long as it was just a little, they could seize this opportunity to beat Wei San, but the Pink Fierce Man was not. After he punched, the next step was to sit on Wei San’s head and try to knock her out.

Wei San, who laid on the ground: “.…..” For a moment, she didn’t know whether she was more ashamed of herself or the other party.

Wei San didn’t expect that the underground factory’s mecha was more flexible than the one issued by the school.

They all had grade A mecha, and the total data should be balanced. Especially for this kind of mass-produced mecha, the chances are the underground factory mecha had been altered.

Wei San fell down in the mecha cabin. She closed her eyes, then controlled the panel. The mecha propped her hands on the ground and pushed the Pink Fierce Man away.

Before the other side reacted, Wei San immediately got up. As a result……she slipped and almost fell down again. Fortunately, she controlled it.

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This kind of behavior where the man-machine couldn’t fully merge belonged to the typical symptom of a novice. She finally fully understood the real difference between grade A and grade B. Grade B combined the hands and eyes, and the most important thing was the control panel, but Grade A focused more on perception. When the brain turned fast, the mecha moved with it. If the hand doesn’t keep up, it was very easy for the mecha to be out of control.

After the Pink Fierce Man was pushed away, he realigned with Wei San again, and followed up with the same punch.

Wei San couldn’t make the same mistake again, so she turned around and ran.

The sporadic onlookers looked at the two fools on the stage, chasing after each other, immediately rolled their eyes, spat and went to other challenge arenas to watch the game.

While running, Wei San tested the mecha. If she knew she would test it out earlier in the waiting area. At that time, she had only looked at the light curtain. She looked back at the Pink Fierce Man who was still behind. Fortunately, he also couldn’t do it, otherwise she wouldn’t get the money today and would lose points instead.

“Don’t run if you have the ability.” The Pink Fierce Man shouted behind her back.

Wei San continued to run, constantly adjusting and adapting to the mecha. She didn’t stop until she felt that she and the mecha could be unified into one. The Pink Fierce Man behind hurried to stop her and waved another punch.

The brand-new black mecha did not hide. It raised its hand to catch the punch. At the same time, it created a force on its waist and abdomen, and threw the same black mecha out of the challenge arena with its arm.

As soon as the opponent fell out, the light curtain in the arena popped up: [Congratulations on L0 Bowing Down to Life and winning their first victory, star coin x5000 and points x10]

At the same time, in the hall on the first floor of the underground, the same news appeared at the bottom corner of the light curtain, ranked in real time, which flashed like streamers and then disappeared.

Wei San came out of the mecha and looked at the balance in her card. She immediately felt that being a mecha soldier made more money than being in the mecha engineering division.

She can still battle!

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