SOOEW Chapter 301 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXIII

Cyril grimaced and said nothing. He didn’t know why, he was hardly influenced by her pheromone before, but this time, he was a little out of control.

Speaking of it, Cyril treated Beatrice fairly well when she was a child. Beatrice was often called Bear because of her name. The little girl who loved beauty really couldn’t accept such a nickname and often shrank in the corner and cried. At that time, Cyril was not a “gentle gentleman” as he was now. He had the arrogance and domineering of an Alpha. He beat one over with one punch. No one dared to call her that except him.

But as he aged a little older, because of gender difference, they received different educations, and they became alienated.

The powerful Swift family in the military headquarters had the ambition to enter the political arena. Cyril was given high hopes and received a very strict education. Such a small interesting story of being a hero in his childhood was naturally thrown behind under intensive teaching and training.

For her exclamation, his response was a cold question: “Who taught you the operation of mecha?” The attraction between pheromones was suppressed by his years of restraint training.

He clearly knew the Clark family’s education. The Omega exclusive college also would not teach mecha operation, and there was no place for her to practice.

“My soul piece.” She blinked. “Am I not doing well? Don’t you like it?”

“Where did you get the money to buy soul pieces.……” he frowned. With the pocket money given by the Clark family, a young lady’s daily extravagance was not enough, and it was basically impossible to save.

“Wu, if you want to know, I can tell you properly. It’s a long story.”

With the same beginning as a fairy tale, Cyril lost interest and interrupted her, “You don’t have to tell me the origin. Is the quality of the soul piece up to standard?”

She thought, “Inferior?”

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“I’ll have someone send you a new one.”

“——but it’s easy to use.” She ignored the vibration on her wrist and gasped heavily.

Cyril’s eyes were as deep as the sea. Even if he looked at people carelessly, they would show a gentle color. At that moment, he looked at her with these eyes and said, “No matter what the soul piece is, you’d better not operate the mecha in the future.”


“I don’t know why you are suddenly interested in mecha, but Beatrice, you are an Omega. Your future is to find an Alpha who is willing to love you. Mecha means nothing to you. I can understand your whim, but you don’t need to spend too much energy on it.”

Her performance inevitably led him to speculate that she had trained for a long time to achieve this step.

“Even if I do well?”

“Even if you do well.”

“Then, why can Allen?”

“He.……” Cyril paused and suddenly felt a headache. “Are you trying to compete with him?”

Before she answered his question, the door of the training room was suddenly pushed in. Someone walked briskly in and said, “Cyril, they said you were……eh, Miss Clark?”

The footsteps stopped a little, and Allen’s expression changed slightly.

Because Wen Ying consumed too much physical strength, her legs were sour and soft. Although she had been separated from Cyril’s arms, he still held her. They were close together. The pheromone in the room was blown out by the wind outside, which made Allen smell it head on. This situation was really suspicious.

When Wen Ying saw him, she naturally showed the same expression as the original owner, the same false smile as Cyril, “Good morning, Allen.” Then she turned her head and said to the person beside her, “You can let me go, Cyril.”

Cyril released his hand in silence.

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