WFILTU Chapter 395 – Success II

The relationship was too complicated, so she didn’t speak and stood next to Mai Jiajia.

She didn’t speak, but the atmosphere became strange because of her.

Lin Yinyin pulled out a smile: “I’m.……just kidding. Yu Cheng, you have a good date with Shu Lan. Let’s go and play.”

Wen Fangfang was stunned.

Yu Cheng smiled and said happily, “Thank you. You guys have fun too!”

The hand holding Shu Lan tightened. He turned his head and looked at Shu Lan with a happy expression.

Mai Jiajia suddenly said, “Shu Lan’s boyfriend, you’d better go and play. Shu Lan and we are going to return to school soon. We still have plans.”

Shu Lan was stunned, but didn’t refute.

Yu Cheng looked disappointed and his voice was low: “Then alright, but I don’t want to play, I’ll send you guys back.”

“Yu Cheng, are you really not going?” Wen Fangfang’s voice was urgent for a moment.

Ding Qi snorted coldly, “Aren’t you worried about Yu Cheng betraying Shu Lan and have to watch him? Now he doesn’t go to play, why aren’t you happy?”

Her words were so ironic that Wen Fangfang turned pale, “No……this is not the case.…..”

Lin Yinyin inhaled deeply and said, “Then we’ll be leaving.”

As she spoke, she brought away the group and left. Before leaving, she gave Xue Jiao a smile that she thought was “friendly”.

Xue Jiao: “……”

She rubbed her arms. The smile had scared her into forming goosebumps.

Yu Cheng sent the four people to the door. Wen Fangfang followed them all the way. She took Shu Lan in her arms and said all kinds of she was thinking about her and reluctant to leave words.

She even said: “Shu Lan, you can accompany Yu Cheng more. He.…… is also very sad.”

After saying this, Yu Cheng gave her a grateful look.

Ding Qi used strength in her hands and dragged Shu Lan into the school gate. Xue Jiao and Mai Jiajia hurried to keep up.

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“What the hell happened?” After returning to the dormitory, Xue Jiao asked suspiciously.

She had just answered Cheng Shuo’s phone. Why did the scene become like that?

There were many people at that time, so she didn’t ask in detail.

Mai Jiajia sighed, turned her finger and recited the dialogue at that time.

Xue Jiao was stunned after listening.

“This this this…..” her eyes widened slightly, and her face was incredible.

“Shu Lan, what do you have against Lin Yinyin?”

Shu Lan sighed and looked blankly: “In fact, I don’t know. When I was in year three, one day I didn’t know what happened. Lin Yinyin suddenly rushed over, scolded me as a white lotus, said I was cheap, and said that she would never let me go.”

“Didn’t you ask?” Ding Qi wondered.

Shu Lan shook her head: “I asked, but she just said——you know what you did!”

“Either Lin Yinyin is out of breath, or she has misunderstandings about you, but whether this girl has misunderstandings or not is not simple. Moreover, your friend has evil intentions towards your boyfriend. You should be careful of her. Moreover, Shu Lan.……” Mai Jiajia stopped and her voice became worried.

“En?” Shulan looked over.

Her eyebrows were furrowed, as if she had some unspeakable trouble.

Mai Jiajia opened her mouth and said, “I think.……Yu Cheng is too tightly controlled by his parents, and he may not have the ability to challenge his parents, your character is weak, and you may also.……”

Mai Jiajia was right. Xue Jiao nodded, then looked at Shu Lan and waited for her reply.

“I know.” Shu Lan lowered her head and said softly, “So I didn’t dare to be with him before. I’ve escaped and been ruthless, but I like him and can’t help being soft hearted to him.……”

“Then can you accept this, a few years later, perhaps longer, Yu Cheng’s parents began to ask him to marry someone else. What do you do? The deeper your feelings, the more painful you are.”

Shu Lan bowed her head and something was dripping.

Xue Jiao sighed and went to Shu Lan and squatted in front of her——

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  1. Boyfriend is a clueless pushover and girl is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, yet she is still trying to lie down in front of a steam roller. I say, give her some well-meaning advice and then leave her to her own devices. If she still wants to chase after this train wreck, that’s her business.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. I honestly think that she is truly a white lotus (from her internal monologue in the last chapter), but not that bad of a person. Hopefully Xuejiao brings her to the correct path

    • A white lotus..not a fake one..but typically, these type of person..better be with someone who got guts to protect them and her boyfriend is not that person. He is too cow-ehemward-ehem.. 🤭😅 Pity that SL will …. Tsk tsk 🙀

      • F
        So, cannon fodder for our MC’s growth..

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