SOOEW Chapter 302 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXIV

She cleaned up her appearance and asked him, “Did you give him permission to enter your training room?”

“En.” After he finished, he seemed to think of her last big brain moment and said quickly, “but I think it has nothing to do with you.”

“Yes, it has nothing to do with me.” She smiled demurely at him. “You reminded me. I brought something in return.” In front of Allen, she took out the sobering agent and stuffed it into Cyril’s arms.

“Is this.……a sobering agent?” Cyril asked uncertainly.

She smiled. “I think it’s time for you to wake up.”

This sarcastic sentence immediately made him change his tone, “Bi’er!”

With a slight hum, she left a sentence “You’ll use it sooner or later”, pushed away his obstruction and walked away domineering.

Allen somehow felt uneasy after seeing the situation in the training room in the afternoon. No, maybe even earlier. After he lost two games in a row, the soul piece he always relied on was lost to another other party, and he even owed Cyril an amount equivalent to the soul piece for this, his anxiety increased day by day.

In the middle of the night, when he passed Cyril’s room, he found that he seemed to be sending instructions to someone. His passing soon aroused the attention of the person inside.

Seeing him, Cyril couldn’t help laughing and asked, “Haven’t you slept yet?”

Allen nodded. “Are you dealing with business?”

“No.” Cyril shook his head. “It’s Be’er. The Omega exclusive college doesn’t have a training ground. I think her mecha operation should be exercised on the starnet. I have to find someone to watch her. I can’t let her fool around.”

Allen was silent for a moment and said, “This is the first time I’ve heard you mention her, Cyril. You were together in the training room during the day.……”

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“What are you worried about?” He joked, “if I wanted to choose her as my Omega, I could have my parents engaged me ten years ago. In addition, there were Miss Ackermans, Alex and Hunter.……many people grew up with me, but Beatrice is just more persistent.”

His answer made Allen feel a little certain.

That’s right, even if his family background was not comparable to these people, it depended on Cyril’s will in the end. But——in fact, he was still struggling with what kind of emotion he had for Cyril. If it weren’t for the emergence of the double mecha, maybe he wouldn’t consider it at all.

Before that, if they could fight side by side with himself, the first person he thought of was Chris, but it’s a pity……

Cyril didn’t know what Allen thought. After persuading the person to go back to bed, he opened his video.

It was a video about the battle of “Cinderella” on starnet. The blood boiling battle of the mecha was projected from the optical brain and hung in the air in a three-dimensional mode, which could be observed from different angles.

He was also present in her game against Allen. It could be said that he has not shown up in any of her games since then. Even if he couldn’t get away, he would have people record videos and watch them again and again afterwards.

If at first he appreciated her outstanding insight and hoped to attract her, then later on, Cyril couldn’t say what it was because of. It was just that he was attracted. She was often laughed at because of her basic operation mistake, but she always played an amazing battle and told those people to shut up. He just couldn’t move his eyes away.

Even Allen’s fighting form was just appreciated by him, but after all, he was an Omega, the most tenacious Omega he had ever seen, so he treated the other with favor.

But towards “Cinderella”, it had nothing to do with gender. He was amazed at her.

“Who the hell is she?”

Cyril looked at the video and felt curious again. Suddenly, the flying mecha in the projection made a take-off action, which was simple, smooth and amazing. However, an inexplicable sense of familiarity flashed in his mind.

On the other hand, as soon as Wen Ying returned to school, she boarded the starnet and played several games heartily, as if venting her anger. This time, it was rare that Chris didn’t whisper in her ear. It was not until she withdrew from the starnet that she heard a voice directly connected to her mind.

He seemed to be mumbling something. She couldn’t hear it clearly. After a long time, she heard him ask, “Do you like Cyril?”

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