WFILTU Chapter 396 – Success III

“Being together is not a necessary and sufficient condition. Being together is a sufficient condition for love. When you are together, you must like them. But even if you like them, you may not be able to be together forever. Liking is between the two of you. If you are together forever, it will become something combined with everything else, such as your surroundings, life and others. You should think clearly. Do you have courage and determination, to accept that something like this will happen again today, or something more exaggerated? “

Shu Lan shed tears one by one. After a long time, she opened her mouth——

“But.……I love him so much.……”

Even if she knew that there was a rough road ahead, she still wanted to step on it.

Xue Jiao was stunned.

She didn’t understand Shu Lan very much, just like her and Yi Tianyu. She felt that the other party had become a pressure she couldn’t bear, and immediately retracted into her shell.

Shu Lan knew that the outside was far from her intention, but because she liked him, she was still willing to come out……

Xue Jiao didn’t understand and looked at her suspiciously.

Shu Lan cried for a while and didn’t talk anymore. Xue Jiao and them didn’t persuade her anymore.

They all knew that she had made a decision.

It’s just that Xue Jiao was a little confused.

Did she really have such courage because of love?


That’s really strange.

Xue Jiao and them comforted Shu Lan and then began to be busy on this side. On the other side, Lin Yinyin didn’t sing either.

Lin Yinyin had something on her mind and she went home early.

“Oh, you can come back so early today?” Lin Yinyin’s father Lin Sheng said unhappily.

Xu Jiaohong pushed Lin Sheng: “It’s rare that daughter came back early today. Can’t you father and daughter talk well?”

“Hng——” Lin Sheng snorted.

Lin Yinyin seemed to be wandering outside. She didn’t answer. She just sat on the sofa and collapsed quietly. It was unknown what she was thinking.

“If you have time, learn how to run the company. Don’t just go out all day. Our company doesn’t look as powerful as it is to outsiders. If others are willing to raise your status outside, that’s because they think we have a good relationship with Lin Shi, but don’t you know the actual situation? You should work hard and make some achievements in the future!” Lin Sheng used formal teachings.

Lin Yinyin didn’t move like a mountain. She leaned against the sofa and it was unknown what she was thinking.

Lin Sheng became angry: “Lin Yinyin! I’m talking to you? !”

“Lao Lin, don’t be angry, don’t be angry.” Xu Jiaohong patted his heart and stared at Lin Yinyin, “Yinyin! Why don’t you apologize to your father.”

After a long time, Lin Yinyin said something——

“I met my third uncle’s woman today.”

“Ah?” Lin Sheng and Xu Jiaohong immediately turned their heads and looked over. Even Lin Sheng’s angry expression froze and turned into an unbelievable expression.

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Lin Yinyin explained: “It’s the woman I saw my third uncle eating with in Wuliu Lane last year. We met again today.”

“How do you know it’s your third uncle’s woman?” Xu Hongjiao asked her.

“Third uncle.……wasn’t he unable to touch women.……he looked very close to that woman before.……”

Lin Sheng suddenly stared at her: “It’s been a whole year. If your third uncle has no problem, how could he be quiet all year. Lin Yinyin, don’t think about something else all day. Attend class properly. If our company collapses in the future, you have to be able to support yourself!”

“I’m serious.……”

“Shut up and work harder. Don’t go out tomorrow!” Lin Sheng glared at her.

Lin Yinyin returned to her room, wronged.

She’ll definitely find evidence!

Fermat’s theorem was verified by the hypothesis method, which Xue Jiao said before, but in fact, the hypothesis method was commonly used in the existing proof of Fermat’s theorem, and did not exceed the hypothesis method.

It was not easy to follow the path of her predecessors and verify it.

Xue Jiao put the computer on the right side of the table, and on the left side was a pile of thick books.

She held a pen in her hand, she kept writing on the white paper in front of her.

There was a form on the computer. She looked up from time to time, and then turned over the book from time to time.

She looked down and kept writing.


That’s also not right!

What about this?

Still wrong!


Incorrect! Incorrect! Incorrect!

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