SAPPS Chapter 45

This kind of big class generally talks about mecha fighter aristocratic families and so on. After listening to it, Wei San was not interested and bowed his head to make small moves. She secretly looked at the complete structure of mecha borrowed from the library in the drawer and was intoxicated. I didn’t even know that the bell rang after class. Nie Haoqi next to her reminded her to go to the training simulation room together.

Wei San immediately placed the book into her school bag and followed him out.

The training simulation room was a small latticed room, which could only accommodate one person. When she lay down with equipment on, she could enter the simulation world.

“I’m in simulation room 276. You can add me first. We can build a room later. Let’s have a battle first?” Nie Haoqi asked.

“Alright.” After adding him, Wei San went to her simulation room.

There was a setting panel in the simulation room. The first step was to import her own mecha type and data, then choose the battle environment, and finally adjust the pain setting.

After importing her data, Wei San chose the desert and set the pain level to 100%. At this time, Nie Hao sent a message, it was a room link. After she clicked in, she entered the world simulation.

When she entered, she was already in the mecha. Opposite was Nie Haoqi. The two mechas stood on the desert and sank slightly.

Wei San looked around and subconsciously reached out to feel the wind. The hot wind in the desert passed directly to her through the mecha’s hand.

“Doesn’t it look exactly the same as real life?” Nie Haoqi’s voice transferred from the opposite mecha.

Wei San nodded: “It truly is alike.” She couldn’t even tell whether this was illusory or not.

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The two stood for a while and then began to fight.

The heavy mecha was obviously larger than the medium-sized mecha, and the weapon’s lethality was very high. With a raise of the hand and a throw of the a light bomb, a big pit would be blown into the desert.

Wei San quickly dodged. The light sabre was easy to use in close combat, so she had to find a way to get close to attack Nie Haoqi.

Obviously, Nie Haoqi also knew this. He always kept the distance between them and controlled it within the range of his shells.

Wei San was not in a hurry and tried his best to avoid Nie Haoqi’s attack. Because she had no strength to fight back, he gradually relaxed his vigilance and gradually narrowed the distance between them, but Nie Haoqi always controlled the red line and didn’t give her a chance to get close.

One attacked while the other one hid. This lasted for quite a long time. Nie Haoqi was a little anxious. Even in the virtual world, mecha energy and shells were limited and would not be provided indefinitely. If he couldn’t take down Wei San soon, he would only be exhausted and lose.

Nie Haoqi began to attack more fiercely, and drew in the distance closer. He had reached the red line.


Nie Haoqi regretted. The ion gun he had just shot hit the arm of Wei San’s mecha. Just a little more and it would hit the chest.

At this moment, Wei San was suddenly in trouble, and her other arm pulled out a light whip.

Nie Haoqi was surprised at first. When he saw the whole length of the light whip, he was relieved. The distance between them was not enough for her to attack.

But in the next second, he knew he was wrong.

Wei San directly controlled the mecha and flew into the air. He immediately pulled distance between the two people. She whipped Nie Haoqi’s mecha, creating a deep mark, breaking his rhythm, following with the light knife coming at his head.

Nie Haoqi had a pretty fast reaction, so he rolled around and avoided her lightsaber, but he didn’t expect that Wei San could use both hands at the same time. He just avoided the lightsaber, yet the whip was waiting for him and was thrown solidly straight at him.

He fell and was blindfolded. When he reacted, Wei San’s light knife had been stabbed into his chest.

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