SOOEW Chapter 303 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXV

“What does this have to do with you?”

Wen Ying didn’t expect Chris to ask directly. She simply placed it down, took off her bracelet and went to the bathroom. Although the battle on the Starnet wouldn’t consume physical strength, the consumption of mental strength still made her sweat. She took a shower, covered her wet hair with a towel and wiped herself. She also asked the robot nanny to send a bottle of strawberry flavored nutrient solution to suck on it. She sat on the sofa with her legs bent and watched a romance drama with her brain.

The Hero: “Do you know I’m in pain? Yes, I helped him, but I don’t know you’ll be hurt by this! Is this why you want to be together with others?”

Heroine: “It’s too late to say anything now. I’ve fallen in love with him.”

Hero: “No! I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”

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Chris: “.……”Listening to their heart-rending dialogue, he didn’t know why he felt a little strange.

He touched his nose and couldn’t ask again. His heart was as painful as having a cat scratch at it.

Although she hid him in her sleeve at that time, as a spiritual body, he could still see the situation around him. She was a little different from usual in front of Cyril. He couldn’t say the specific difference, but he could feel it.

“Have you known each other since childhood?” He started again.


In his heart, he said: Very good, he asked nonsense.

“He seemed to like Allen very much.” He insincerely insinuated.

Wen Ying glanced at him, “Don’t you also like him too?”

Chris immediately had a question mark raise from the top of his head, “.……you said I like Allen?”

As soon as she said “yes”, she was interrupted by the doorbell before she could give him a chance to refute.

When the automatic door opening button was pressed, Daisy happily pushed the door open from the outside and came in. Daisy was the only one who would come to her at this time. Because of class reasons, the original owner had a relationship with her classmates in school that was not too close, yet not too far. Although Wen Ying wanted to deal with the people around her, she had to practice mecha and learn herbal medicine. There was probably no person busier than her in this school.

“Hai, Beatrice, I’m here to discuss traveling with you.”

Wen Ying was stunned, and then heard the girl sigh in an exaggerated tone, “You didn’t forget right! The annual assessment! The Pharmacist Department of the Omega Exclusive College and the military department of our college are going to Randall together to collect medicine. Our grades are distinguished according to the degree of treasure of picking the herbs, and they are responsible for protecting our safety. By the way, this can be regarded as an assessment in previous years, but this year is an exception. If I remember correctly, you should be the same as me? Is your estrus coming soon? Hence, this time, we privately call it a “friendship assessment”. Your achievements don’t matter. Finding an Alpha that can take care of you for life is the top priority! “

She said it in one breath, like giving Wen Ying the key points of the exam. As she heard it, she wanted to laugh.

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