WFILTU Chapter 397 – Success IV

Xue Jiao kicked heavily, then put the pen under it, and rubbed her head with a headache.

She was now at an impasse. She was always stuck at one point. She couldn’t figure it out.

Next to her, Mai Jiajia sat down and stuffed a lollipop into her lips.

Xue Jiao opened her mouth and said vaguely, “Strawberry flavor?”

Mai Jiajia nodded and smiled while licking a lollipop. “Strawberries are sweet. It’ll put you in a good mood. I think you’re almost finished grabbing all your hair. I envy you. There’s enough hair to waste.”

“En?” Xue Jiao was confused.

Mai Jiajia said, “Take a break, my goddess. High intensity brain activity will lead to baldness. If you don’t want to be bald, combine work with rest.”


Xue Jiao subconsciously touched her hair and shivered.


She stood up and packed her things.

It was Friday today. She followed Lin Zhihua to have a meal and to supplement her baldness.

Her hair.……it’s better to prevent it in advance.

Xue Jiao packed up her things and walked to the school gate with her school bag on her back, but inevitably, she would still think of her progress.

How does it connect?

She was stuck in the middle now. How on earth can she turn a rational number into an integer?

Xue Jiao walked forward with her head down, her eyes gradually dull.

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“Bang——” She ran into a person head on .

“Sorry, sorry!” She looked up and was stunned.

Then she revealed a smile: “Lin Zhihua!”

Lin Zhihua’s expression was not good. This was the first time he looked at Xue Jiao with such serious and sharp eyes.

Xue Jiao moved uneasily.

Lin Zhihua inhaled deeply, and his tone was still a little angry: “Xue Jiao! What’s the matter with you just now! You’re still distracted when walking. Aren’t you afraid of death? It’s me who hit you now. What if it was a car?!”

Xue Jiao stared at him being furious for the first time.

“No matter what you are thinking, you must not be distracted when walking. There are so many traffic accidents now. You can be hit when walking well, but don’t even look at the road!” Lin Zhihua’s face was still serious.

Xue Jiao bowed her head and felt ashamed for a moment.

“I’ll……be careful in the future.……”

Lin Zhihua stared at her: “What do you mean you will be careful? ! You must be careful!”

“Ok, ok, ok!” Xue Jiao put her hands together and looked regretful.

Lin Zhihua finally breathed a sigh of relief. He couldn’t imagine how he would live if something happened to Xue Jiao.

Looking at the repentant Xue Jiao with her hands folded in front of her, Lin Zhihua’s expression gradually turned into helplessness.

He reached out and tapped her on the head, “You ah.”

After knowing Xue Jiao, he really became an “old father”, worrying about here and there every day.

Xue Jiao covered her head and said with a smile, “That.……what shall we eat at night? I have to eat more and mend it quickly. My hair is going bald.”

She changed the topic.……quite stiffly.

Lin Zhihua shook his head helplessly, looked at her beautiful hair and said, “Let’s go and mend your hair.”

They walked to the place where he parked. Xue Jiao asked Lin Zhihua what they were eating today.

Lin Zhihua revealed a mysterious smile: “Today’s is a secret, but I can tell you what we are eating next week.”

“En?” The eyes of Xue Jiao brightened.

“How about making medicine soup with Polygonum multiflorum?”

Polygonum multiflorum? It mends hair!

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  1. Daddy Lin..will be a doting father if they got a daughter..a little Xuejiao 😃

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  4. If anyone goes bald first from stress or worry it would be LZH. Struggling in wooing the lady, balancing work and worrying about her general well-being from physical to psychological.

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