WFILTU Chapter 398 – Success V

“Ok, ok!” She was happy and suddenly remembered, “Why do you always order what I want to eat? I’m just here to rob food.”

Lin Zhihua said, “You just reminded me to start loving my hair. Although I’m smart, I don’t want to have a bald top.”

“Hahahaha——“ Xue Jiao laughed out loud, her brows curving, her laughter open.

Lin Zhihua laughed with her: “Polygonum multiflorum actually just promotes hair blackening, as for promoting hair growth.……”

Xue Jiao turned to look at him.

“Black sesame, walnuts and black beans are more effective, but I think it’s enough for you to supplement with Polygonum multiflorum. You should pay more attention to white hair than hair loss.”

“En?” Xue Jiao was stunned.

Lin Zhihua stretched out his hand quickly. Before Xue Jiao felt the pain, something was pulled out.

“Look, you have white hair.” Lin Zhihua moved his hand in front of her.

Xue Jiao: “……”

She stared at the white hair, her expression gradually solidifying.


Her hair was white……

The expression of Xue Jiao was quite frightening.

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Lin Zhihua looked at her expression and immediately smiled: “Little girl, I’m teasing you. It’s just one. Accidental events have nothing to do with necessity. This one is accidental and does not affect other necessities.”

Xue Jiao’s expression became more stiff.

She reached out and grabbed Lin Zhihua’s hand: “What did you just say? ! Say it again!”

Her expression was somewhat unexpected to Lin Zhihua, but he repeated it again——

“Just one, contingency, has nothing to do with necessity. This one is a contingency and does not affect other necessities.”

“Ah——” Xue Jiao jumped on Lin Zhihua and hugged him: “I remembered! ! I know how to formulate it! Ahahah!”

Her scream attracted the people around her. Lin Zhihua was stiff and a red glow climbed up on his face.

Xue Jiao quickly jumped down: “I won’t go to dinner with you today!! I’ll go back to school and continue to calculate! I thought of it! ! !”

Her voice was so happy that she turned and ran to school.

Lin Zhihua subconsciously reached out and grabbed her: “Calculate after dinner.…..”


“It’s very quick, you must eat.”

Xue Jiao looked decadent and excited. She knew that Lin Zhihua did this for her own good.

Hence, she could only say, “alright.….”

When they got in the car, Lin Zhihua took out his phone and quickly sent a message——

[Chen Yan, someone filmed me and Jiao Jiao, check it immediately!]

He sent it out, and then while driving, he listened with a smile to Xue Jiao tell him where she deduced it. The hardest portion, she just had inspiration. Soon, she could realize what she said and prove Fermat’s theorem!

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  1. I have to say I’m a bit confused by this whole Fermat’s theorem business. It’s not clear if Jiao Jiao is just recreating an existing proof or coming up with a new one. First of all, there are multiple theorems and I don’t think the story clarifies which one she is working on. Secondly, even his last theorem was already proven in 2016 and novelupdates says this story started in 2019…

    Thank you for the chapter!

    • Not sure how the translation will go, but it’s a new one, a completely new alternative way of proving Fermat’s last theorem.

    • They did say at one point Fermat’s Last Theorem, and during the competition arc referenced the story about Fermat writing that his proof took more space than the margin in which he wrote the theorem. It’s been notoriously hard to prove. Basically, there’s only been one successful proof published, and while one is enough, more are better, especially because the legend of its difficulty has turned into something that even raps on the door of pop culture.

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  3. At this stage I can only feel bad for the antagonists targeting LZH, they’re trying to prove a relationship that hasn’t even taken off yet :’D

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