SAPPS Chapter 46

Simulation room 276.


Nie Haoqi suddenly stood up, took off his helmet and covered his chest with a pale face. The knife just now……

In class, the teacher said that the pain in the simulation room had better not be set to 100%, otherwise he would be mentally vulnerable, so he set the pain at 50%, but even so, in the virtual world just now, the suffocating feeling of the knife stabbing into his chest still made Nie Haoqi feel miserable.

Begging Secretly: [You’re not familiar with the mecha, so you’ll fall into the trap. Do you want to come again?]

Out of his periphery, Nie Haoqi saw the message on his panel, and it took a long time to react that Begging Secretly was Wei San.

Nie: [Come on! Next time I won’t forget that the mecha can fly.]

The two people from unknown stars have not had much contact with grade A mecha. As a former engineer, Wei San would not forget as long as she has seen the mecha data, but Nie Haoqi was different. He was really unfamiliar with them. No matter what type of mecha they were, they could all fly, only the heavy mecha could hardly fly because of its size and other factors.

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Nie Haoqi first defined himself, and then because Wei San had always created the illusion that she could only run, she hoodwinked him for a moment, so she won a game.

The latter two continued to PK for two games, but Nie Haoqi still didn’t win. In the three innings, Wei San could always find his flaws.

Nie: [I have a class to attend. How about we arrange for tomorrow?]

Begging Secretly: [Ok.]

Nie Haoqi didn’t log off immediately, but instead, couldn’t resist sending messages: [Did you really come from an unknown star?]

Begging Secretly: [That’s right, Star 3212, you can visit my place when you have the time.]

Nie: [Why are you so familiar with mecha? You are also good at using the light sabers and whips.]

Begging Secretly: [Grade A mecha is connected to perception. After entering the mecha, as long as your hand speed can keep up, it’s the same as your own body. You can adapt more to fix this.]

Wei San calculated it in the underground factory training ground and challenge arena two days ago. They have only been exposed to mecha for a few days, which must be different from those who have practiced with mechas since childhood. As for the choice of lightsaber and whip, it wasn’t because she was good at it, but because they were the best deal and did not require spending money to supplement them often.

She chose the shooting course in her schedule previously because they provided ammunition energy for free.

Wei San didn’t have much interest in weapons. She would take advantage of them as long as they were cheap!


The author has something to say: Wei San: A little expert in frugality and saving money!

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  1. Ahh all her choices based on price
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  3. im waiting for when in battle, she use both lightsaber and whip stimultanuosly and the enemy be like who the hell use them like this irl

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