SOOEW Chapter 304 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXVI

“Are you listening to me!” Daisy stared and saw that the other party nodded honestly. She said, “By the way, when I first came in, I thought I heard you talking to someone?”

Wen Ying didn’t react at once. Just as she was thinking of an excuse, she heard her say, “it shouldn’t be Cyril right!? Are you guys calling?”

“It’s not him.”

“Then who is it?”

“It’s.……” Wen Ying paused and didn’t think of a third name for a long time

Daisy looked at her with an expression of “You can’t make it up huh.” I almost forgot that your situation is different from mine. Well, people like Cyril, their group with excellent results may be sent to the north side to eliminate the crazy animals. You may not be together during the examination. And.…… “She paused a little and looked more solemn, “Be careful. People know that you often go to the military department. There has been a lot of discussion in the class recently. In school, it’s still fine, but it may be a little troublesome to go out.”

Wen Ying was thoughtful.

She remembered the time of this examination very clearly, but not because of the tricks Daisy said, but because on Randall, Allen’s misuse of herbs made his inhibitor ineffective and he entered estrus for the second time. This time, he was obviously not as lucky as the first time.

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Planet Randall was divided into two regions: the northern region was full of wild animals and the southern region was full of herbs. Every year, the Free Federation will send someone to clean up to prevent the wild animals in the northern region from entering the southern region to spoil the herbs. Of course, the reason why there were many wild animals in the Northern District was that the mountains here were steep and the sea bottom was unfathomable. In one day, they could experience the temperature in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The conditions were extremely bad, but it also provided space for the growth of rare and exotic grass——naturally, the wild animals here also were more rough and thick, and extremely difficult to entangle with.

Like the Omegas of the pharmacist department, they just needed to bend down and pick one or two grasses in the mild and pleasant southern area. When they encountered the difficult terrain, the Beta and Alpha of the military department would naturally open the way for them.

As soon as she went out, Wen Ying found that Daisy was right. She had performed well in school and no one was jealous of her. However, after returning from the military department this time, there may be some rumors that she would become Cyril’s fiancee. Other students in the class looked at her with unfriendly eyes, but people in this era generally received a good education, they wouldn’t get in front of people just because they don’t agree with them. At most, it was just a private gossip or two.

Some also blew into Wen Ying’s ears, “Cyril doesn’t like her at all.”, “She probably let out the news herself”, and “Cyril didn’t even come to protect the group, probably because he doesn’t want to create a relationship with her.”

For a moment, Wen Ying seemed to return to the ancient society. Omega’s position in society was equivalent to that of women at that time. There, men trampled on women and women trampled on women, which always seemed a little sad. But this portion of sad, was also brought to them by the growing social environment.

To the point that they were even more urgent than ancient women, because Omega’s estrus period was like a knife hanging over their heads. If the estrus period came, but they couldn’t find the appropriate Alpha to mark them, it was likely to harm the society. The Omega Association would not condone such things. Naturally, they would match them to an Alpha that they may not know at all. This has also caused many Alpha to be gentle on the surface and take care of Omega as their own responsibility, but they were arrogant in their bones.

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