WFILTU Chapter 399 – Success VI

Xue Jiao was smiling and immersed in joy and happiness.

Lin Zhihua looked at her with doting eyes.

She was happy, so was he.

Like last time, Chen Yan was very fast and almost came out with the news right after dinner.

Lin Zhihua received the news. It was Lin Yinyin who secretly photographed them.

Lin Yinyin?

He knew this girl, but he doesn’t get in touch with these younger generations and was not familiar with them.

Lin Zhihua guessed why she secretly photographed them, didn’t care, and only sent one message——

[Give a warning, then forget about it.]

Putting down his cell phone, Lin Zhihua did not forget to tell Xue Jiao who was leaving: “I know you will be very busy recently, but you must eat no matter how busy you are, do you hear me?”

“I hear, I hear it!” Xue Jiao couldn’t wait to test her idea.

She said goodbye to Lin Zhihua excitedly, and then went back to continue her derivation.

Even if the feeling and result were so close, she was busy from October to nearly January.

Especially after December, Xue Jiao didn’t even go to Profesor Tan. She was getting closer and closer to the result. She couldn’t pay any mind to do other things.

What kind of social software, her messages were all 999, and they haven’t been opened.

Mai Jiajia, they have already started to review, but Xue Jiao hasn’t started yet. She was only absorbed in Fermat’s theorem.

“Let’s finish after the exam. We’d better hurry up and go home early for New Years. However, the winter vacation is not very good. Please ask undergraduates for help. You may have to put in more heart.” Professor Tan spoke to several students.

“Alright.” Everyone answered.

Professor Tan has tried to let everyone go back early, and they also understand.

At this time, Xu Jing suddenly said, “Professor Tan, I couldn’t contact Gu Xuejiao ever since two months ago. I asked her to help yet she wouldn’t come!”

Her voice was inevitably angry and complaining.

Professor Tan frowned slightly, and the others who were in a meeting in the office stopped.

“Junioe sister should be very busy.……”

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“I know they’re busy reviewing now, but she shouldn’t have been busy two months ago. Zheng Jiakun didn’t do that last year. Chu Sheng and them next door, which one couldn’t squeeze out time? Besides, whether she’s busy or not could be spoken about later, but what’s the matter that I couldn’t contact her for so long?” Xu Jing was still angry.

She was really angry. She had sent Wechat messages to Xue Jiao three times in the past two months, and Xue Jiao had only replied for the first message——Senior sister, I’m very busy recently. I’m sorry.

After that, she didn’t even return her messages!


Not just disrespect!

She should be sorry for the office!

Professor Tan sighed slightly and looked at Xu Jing: “Gu Xuejiao asked me for leave before. She said she might be very busy this semester. She has a big thing to do and may not be able to help us for the time being.”

Xu Jing was always polite in front of Teacher Tan, but she was extremely angry with Xue Jiao and spoke frankly——

“In that case, she shouldn’t occupy her seat!”

Xu Jing took a deep breath and slowed down: “I don’t think what she does is as important as working on the project. If she’s busy going to play these months, I suggest to Professor Tan that you should talk to her.”

Professor Tan was also very confused. He doesn’t know what Xue Jiao was doing.

But he actually liked the student and was willing to give her a chance to explain herself.

After thinking about it, he took out his phone in public and called Xue Jiao, but she didn’t answer.

Today was Sunday. They had no classes.

Professor Tan frowned and rang again.

This time it rang several times before it was picked up. The senior brothers and sisters below and Xu Jing listened with their ears pricked.

Before Professor Tan spoke, there was a surprised scream from the other end of the phone——

“I proved it! ! ! ! !”

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  1. Oh great, the “I’m annoying so that even the very mild tempered Jiao Jiao has a reason to face-slap” Xu Jing is back. I really missed her (not). She is the representative of the saying “The only exercise you get is jumping to conclusions.” Clearly she didn’t learn her lesson from the last time. Maybe she should give up her seat instead.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. this Xu Jing’s energy should be used to ‘help’ for the project’s sake.. rather than keeps yapping.. As if her presence in the project is worth it 😬.. feels like she is quite jealous because Jiaojiao’s name was included last time 🤭

    Thanks for the chapters 💜💜

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