SAPPS Chapter 47

Simulated training room, library, fighting class.……Wei San planned her days at school fully and did not waste it at all. She hadn’t been to the canteen much and still lived on nutrient solution.

Because Wei San has a dream that she wanted to create a mecha herself, so she would save if she could.

These days, Nie Haoqi often trained with Wei San, so they met in the class in the morning. He asked, “Will you train together tomorrow with me during the weekend?”

Wei San shook her head: “I have something to do on the weekends.”

Nie Haoqi didn’t mind, but thought of one thing: “Are you attending teacher Chen Ci’s shooting class this afternoon?”

“That’s right, are you going too?”

“No, I’m with another teacher.” Nie Haoqi lowered his voice. “I heard that teacher Chen Ci is very powerful. There is a ranking list of Class A teachers in the forum. She was ranked first in shooting.”

“So powerful?” At that time, Wei San didn’t even look to see who the teacher was.

Nie Haoqi looked at Wei San sympathetically: “but it’s difficult to get credits from her. You’d better apply for more courses, otherwise your credits would not be enough and you’ll be dropped out next semester.”

Wei San thought about her schedule and insisted, “I’ll go first and add later.”

Afternoon shooting class.

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As soon as Wei San went in, she discovered something wrong. It was full of students who brought their own mecha to class. She was the only one who used the mecha issued by Damocles Military Academy.

It couldn’t be said that the mecha of Damocles Military Academy was not good, but the students who used the school mecha were still in the period of understanding their mecha, and their strength couldn’t be considered to be strong.

When Chen Ci came in, she saw a uniform mecha created by the military academy, and her eyes flashed.

“You should know me.” Chen Ci looked at the students in front of her. “Forget about self introduction. Everyone enter your mecha. There is a mobile target in front, everyone has one minute, one at a time.”

Everyone lined up and controlled the mecha to shoot the moving target in front. It could be seen that the students who chose this class had a foundation and most of them could shoot.

Wei San was lined in the back, watching in the mecha cabin, while simulating the operation to be performed later in her mind.

At this time, there was a sudden accident. Chen Ci controlled the mecha and attacked the students who were shooting.

“Fuck!” The student was in a hurry and began to shoot indiscriminately. He even aimed his gun at Chen Ci, but in the next second Chen Ci stopped him and threw him aside.

The students behind were confused and didn’t know what happened.

Chen Ci looked at the next student: “Continue.”

The student trembled and began to shoot. Fortunately, Chen Ci didn’t move him again, but his shooting results were not good.

The next time, Chen Ci attacked the students at random like an indefinite bomb and asked them to continue shooting one by one.

Wei San was in the back row. When it was her turn, she raised her hand and shot at the flashing target. There was only one minute to shoot. When she saw a dark shadow, she turned around and saw that it was Chen Ci who attacked her.

The only good thing was that Chen Ci never fired her gun.

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