SOOEW Chapter 305 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXVII

After the Betas built the camp, they could go around to pick herbs. Each individual terminal received a list of the names, graphics and points of each herb from top to bottom.

However, she had already downloaded the map of Randall to her personal terminal, and her experiment needed some herbs that were not on the list, so she avoided the team of people who plundered points and took a path by herself.

“Don’t go too far.” When the bracelet shook slightly, Chris reminded her, “Even in the Southern District, you will encounter some difficult beasts. You don’t have actual combat experience. Your Class C physique is also a problem. It’s better to ask those Alphas to help, anyway.……”

“Anyway, I am a weak Omega who needs protection?” She cut him off.

“Honey, you are not a weak Omega who needs protection. You are a charming Omega who wants people to remove all obstacles for you.” He said sweetly, “of course, if I have a body, where would it be their turn to have the energy to pay attention to you?”

Wen Ying smiled softly and just wanted to refute him. Suddenly, her mental alarm rang loudly to remind her of the dangerous approach. At the same time, she heard Chris’s voice: “Be careful——”

She had a fine particle gun in her hand. When she heard the rustling sound in the grass, she quickly aimed at the target and fired a shot. A flame exploded in the grass, burning the surrounding into a pile of dead grass with a radius of three meters, while more rustling sounds came from other places, which made people feel hairy.

Before she reacted, Chris had taken a step: “It’s a spitting fire snake. Its combat power is grade E. It’s not difficult to deal with, but they usually hunt in groups. Your physique can’t fight them. You’d better take out your mecha!”

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At this time, regardless of anything else, she immediately obeyed his arrangement, called out her mecha from the space button and entered the mecha cabin.

The difference between people and animals was very big. For a moment, Wen Ying can’t even remember the habit of spitting fire snakes. After entering the mecha, her first reaction is to use thermal weapons and light energy guns. When there are several explosions in the grass, she suddenly reacts. Self explosion after death is also one of the habits of spitting fire snakes. If she blows again, she will burn this piece.

She came here to collect herbs. What else would she do if she burned them all?!

“You forgot to fly.” Chris’s voice had a little smile. It was probably the first time he saw her at a loss. His magnetic voice was slightly low and he commanded clearly, “Fly into the air and pierce their seven inch position with a sword. Only aim at the lifeline and they will not explode.”

This was Wen Ying’s second time using the physical mecha. For the first time, she could fight with a physical mecha. She had the ability to aim the cannons at the opponent which was already amazing, but it was far from the level she wanted to reach.

Fortunately, the more nervous she was, the more she could concentrate and calm down. This time’s flight was much more smooth and steadier than the last one. She flew into the air three meters high, took out her lightsaber, rationally opened the permission of the soul piece without his reminding, and said to him, “You demonstrate.”

“I accept the command.”

These two words were like spitting in her ear. Wen Ying only felt that her skin was slightly numb. Then it was like a person holding her arm behind her and leading her to operate. This feeling made her goosebumps stand up, which was much stronger and more real than what she felt on the starnet.

“It’s very simple.” His magnetic voice even produced a tremor when they were mentally connected, “You are so smart that you can learn it soon.”

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