WFILTU Chapter 400 – Strong I

The voice was obviously joyful and excited, and then full of excitement.

Teacher Tan frowned slightly. In his impression, Gu Xuejiao has always been a very calm girl. Why was she not so calm this time?

Xu Jing, who sat next, also kept looking at Teacher Tan with a frown.

She was a hard-working girl. It was difficult for undergraduates to stay in the league, so she had made a lot of efforts.

Then, every day, she trembled, making every effort to do everything the teacher handed over.

Xue Jiao’s attitude made her very angry.

She didn’t cherish such a good opportunity to enter Professor Tan’s office!

What do undergraduate freshmans have to do?

They were all basic subjects, and she had already learned a lot of it before.

Now she didn’t work on the projects all day. More than likely, she attended college and became lax. There are too many people like this. Xue Jiao looked so good and her face was even more tempting.

Xu Jing was very angry. Since she was so relaxed, she should no longer occupy a position in Professor Tan’s office!

This position could be given to hard-working people.

She didn’t know what Xue Jiao said on the other end of the phone, but she saw Professor Tan frown.

“What did you prove?” Professor Tan asked.

“Fermat’s theorem.”

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“What? !” Professor Tan suddenly stood up and turned over the books on the table.

His voice rose as if he had heard something incredible: “Say it again?”

Xue Jiao inhaled deeply and smiled with satisfaction at the corners of her mouth: “Fermat’s theorem, teacher, I did it. As you said before, let me try my hypothesis at Tsinghua University. I.……succeeded.”

Professor Tan’s voice became urgent and he couldn’t help gasping heavily.

“Professor Tan? What’s the matter with you? !” At the other end of the phone, Xue Jiao pressed down her mood and asked anxiously.

Professor Tan seemed to be stuck in his neck. His face was unbelievable, his eyes widened, his upper and lower lips trembled, but he couldn’t make a sound.

Lao Bai and Zheng Jiakun looked at each other and hurried forward to hold Teacher Tan.

“Teacher! What’s the matter with you?!”

Professor Tan waved them away and tried to breathe smoothly, but at last he only said a few words——

“Bring the things, come here.”

Immediately, the phone hung up, and Professor Tan sat down with his head down, with an extremely complex expression.

With shock, joy and doubt……

“Professor Tan? What’s the matter?” Xu Jing asked carefully. Didn’t he just call Gu Xuejiao? What did the other party say to make Professor Tan lose his composure?

Wouldn’t it be.……the other party gave up themselves?

So was Professor Tan angry?

But the teacher’s expression did not seem like it.

Professor Tan waved his hand, but did not speak. He just sat quietly and waited for Gu Xuejiao to come.

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  1. As what they say , work smarter,not just harder. Just because someone’s working hard, they will naturally be rewarded. In today’s society..working smart is much better. For me, there two types of working hard.. one is just working hard but nothing happened, the other is working hard with brain..they are the one who are well rewarded.

    Thanks for the chapter 🌺

  2. Someone put Xu Jing out of her misery.

    Jiao Jiao: I’m so awesome, I gave my teacher a heart-attack.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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  4. I just realized why GXJ wanted to go to Tsinghua, I initially thought she only did it bc she appreciate Professor Tan seeing her talent…

    But turned out that she wanted to prove the theorem just bc Professor Tan challenged her. She’s really stubborn in a good way.

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