SAPPS Chapter 48

Wei San tried to avoid her attack, but the teacher was the teacher. In the next second, her fist had pounded on the head of Wei San’s mecha.

The mecha connected to the sense of Wei San. Her head fainted at the same time. Before falling, she raised her hand and fired a shot at the moving target while Chen Ci was not paying attention.

Right in the heart.

Chen Ci, who noticed her small movements: “.…..” good psychological quality.

When everyone finished a round, everyone’s results came out. Except for the first few lucky people who maintained their own level of play, the latter people were affected without exception.

The result of Wei San was not remarkable. She doesn’t care. Anyway, she could practice well in the future.

“An excellent shooter would not be affected by the outside world. No matter what happens temporarily, those who should shoot have to shoot.” Chen Ci glanced at all the students. “This is the first lesson I taught you.”

Following that, Chen Ci asked everyone to rush forward side by side and pull out the flag at the end. There would be random targets in the middle, and she stood next to the students.

No student could escape Chen Ci’s shooting skills. Who she wanted to shoot depended entirely on her mood.

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Wei San had been shot twice. Every time the mecha was shot, her heart was twisted by a knife. All these had to be repaired with money!

While shooting at the target, she had to be attacked. The more Wei San rushed forward, the worse her mood. If she went on like this, tens of thousands of star coins was not enough to repair her mecha.

Wei Sany doesn’t do anything. He controls the mecha and raises his hand to shoot at Chen Ci. He misses and is hidden by Chen Ci.

“Students, we can’t finish our task without getting rid of Teacher Chen first.” Wei San shouted, but her gun didn’t stop attacking Chen Ci.

Other students looked at the bold person who shot Chen Ci: “……”

At first, of course, no one dared, but Wei San was shameless. As soon as Chen Ci aimed her fire at her, she began to control the mecha to rub against other students. The innocent students couldn’t get rid of this sticky candy, so they had to bite their teeth and fight back.

If there was one, then there would be two. The scene soon became chaotic. Most students began to attack Chen Ci with real guns.

It wasn’t that Chen Ci couldn’t kill these cubs, it’s just that he had to work hard. Finally, he shouted to stop.

“You’re very good.” Chen Ci came out of the mecha and looked at Wei San in a chilly way.

“Thank you for your praise.” Wei San looked at Chen Ci sincerely.

Chen CI: “……”

The other students quietly turned around and took a look at Wei San. Although the teacher was obviously in a bad mood just now, they had to say that this kind of counterattack tasted good.

Wei San herself was actually a little regretful. In case Teacher Chen targeted herself in the future, the gain would not be worth the loss.

She still has to improve her strength as soon as possible to make the mecha less damaged in order to spend less money.

Wei San put away her mecha, bowed her head and walked out slowly.

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