SOOEW Chapter 306 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXVIII

At the moment when Chris’s voice fell, he suddenly felt a stab in his mind like a needle, which made him cry out in pain.

The wings of the mecha shook, and Wen Ying took over the flight control. While staring at the situation on the ground, she warned him: “Shut up!”

Psychic attack?

Chris came back to his senses. As a man with mental power higher than S level, mental attack was usually what he used against others. It’s really.……wonderful to suddenly taste it.


Wen Ying found that the other party didn’t jump up and argue as usual. The silence was a little long, as if it was an aftertaste. This idea made her hair stand up. Seeing that the spitting snakes gathered more and more, she had to speak fiercely, “Speak!”

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Then she heard a low smile, as if laughing at her back. Without waiting for her to get angry, his concise mental power was divided into several strands and touched her. Just like just now, it seemed that someone hugged her behind her, and the feeling swept over again.

“Take it easy.” He said, “Take it easy, give me control and experience this feeling.”

The touch between the mental forces was like someone touching your heart. Panic out of control would make people highly nervous. Wen Ying was tense at the moment. The more you trust the person, the more you can deliver yourself to each other. Now they obviously can’t do it yet.

Chris actually knew that when they first contacted on the Starnet, she trusted him more than now.

She will behave like this because……

He stopped his recollection, guided her forward with mental strength, and explained the details to her with ease. Wen Ying’s learning ability could be said to be quite talented to the point that it’s defying nature. Even Chris, who used to rely on his understanding to crush Cyril, admit that he is not as good.

The deeper he knew her, the more experience he had in teaching. Therefore, after a demonstration, he resolutely took back his mental strength.

“You do it.”

If at the beginning, Wen Ying’s learning of mecha skills was also reported with fear and temptation. She gradually got used to the operation on the star network and slowly regarded it as ordinary, and her learning speed increased to a terrible level. It was not difficult to see without forgetting. The difficulty was that after his exemplary blow, she could get to the point.

She pulled down the handle and made the mecha swoop down!

The wind around the mecha rustled. Before it hit the ground, it suddenly stopped. At the same time, the alloy sword in its hand has been stabbed out. The impact brought by acceleration would not give the spitting snake the chance to escape. Quick! Accurate! Cruel! Stab it right through. It died to the point that it couldn’t be more dead.

At the same time, no explosion sounded, which meant it was seven inches in the middle.

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