WFILTU Chapter 402 – Strong III

Professor Tan squeezed the book in his hand and pushed the manuscript paper next to him: “Just look at this. Wait for the paper to come out.”

Although he was very relieved of his students, this thing that brings honor was still unpublished hard core content.

Professor Tan won’t show it to others for the time being. They could read it when the paper came out.

Even himself, the reason why he left these students sitting here was to give a guarantee.

After all, he’s going to take this book away.

If Fermat’s theorem was really hard core, even if it was published by the professor, it was also very valuable.

Xue Jiao trusted him, and he had to give some protection.

He couldn’t help but raise his mouth and said, “Gu Xuejiao, good job.”

He was really happy. The happiest thing in the world is——

He was old, but his favorite profession, his students and powerful children emerged one by one.

These children may be the mainstay of the future mathematics world.

In the past, Lao Bai and Zheng Jiakun were very talented. Now……

So was Gu Xuejiao.

Xue Jiao, who has been praised by Professor Tan, was very embarrassed and had a reddish cheek.

“Thank you, teacher.……”

In fact, she was never a genius. She just found something she liked very much and walked in the direction she liked.

In the past, when Xue Jiao heard others say “find yourself”, she didn’t understand, was confused and lost.

What was she looking for? Discover what about herself?

But during this period of time on the road of mathematics, she was really very happy, and then in a trance, she would find that she seemed to really find a different herself.

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To find herself was to stick to what she loved most and could achieve most.

The happiest thing in the world was to follow what she liked all the time.

Mathematics was what she liked and could accept with an open mind.

She was not the smartest in the industry, but she could be the most stubborn.

Xue Jiao proved Fermat’s theorem, but she spent the whole semester doing it.

She thought during the day and in her dreams. Sometimes she had a little idea. She will wake up from her dream, get up and start to continue. At that time, it was likely to be three or four in the morning.

She had two points more talent in mathematics than many people, and she worked harder than those who have talent.

Being able to do what she liked, all that is bitter was not bitter.

Xue Jiao was black and blue under her eyes, but she had an obvious smile at the corners of her mouth. It was a great encouragement to make achievements in the field she liked.

“Alright, I’ll take this back first. Gu Xuejiao, have a good rest, and then hurry up to prepare for the final exam. You still have several subjects to take exams in recent days. I know you certainly haven’t reviewed it yet. I don’t expect you to do well in the exam, but you can’t fail. After the exam, you don’t have to come to the office and come to me directly. Let’s talk about the paper.”

Professor Tan paused and smiled: “If it’s right, maybe, we can try the Annals of Mathem.”

Xue Jiao paused and her eyes lit up.

Professor Tan left happily with her book. Senior sister Niu rushed over and fell on her——

“Gu Xuejiao! ! Why are you so powerful, ah ah ah ah ah junior sister! !”

Senior brother Bai also thumbed up: “Junior sister! Beautiful!”

Zheng Jiakun’s mouth moved slightly: “Gu Xuejiao, when the paper is published, we should communicate when you have the chance.”

They were all sincerely praising.

Xue Jiao smiled and nodded, “Ok.”

After communicating with her senior brothers and sisters for a while, Xue Jiao left with her own things.

It was getting late. She’s been really tired recently. She wanted to go back early and have a good sleep, and then she must start reviewing when she wakes up.

When she came to the corner of the third floor, there was a sound from behind——

“Gu Xuejiao.”

Xue Jiao was stunned and looked back: “Senior sister Xu Jing?”

Xu Jing came up to her and looked at her with a frown.

“En?” Xue Jiao was puzzled.

At this time, Xu Jing suddenly bent down and bowed——

“Gu Xuejiao, I’m sorry. I apologize for my misunderstanding and contempt for you!”

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