SAPPS Chapter 49

“Wei San.”

Hearing someone calling her name, Wei San looked up and saw Jin Ke standing outside the training ground.

“You came to train?”

“I came to have dinner with you.” Jin Ke came forward, “We haven’t seen each other for more than two years. Don’t you miss me?”

Wei San turned and looked at him strangely: “What do I miss you for?”

Jin Ke: “.……you can’t just say that. Aren’t we little partners who grew up together?”

Wei San glanced at him: “Little partner, would you like to invite me to dinner?”

Jin Ke said generously, “Invite!”

They walked side by side to the most luxurious fifth dining hall. Jin Ke looked at Wei San from time to time. Finally, he couldn’t help asking, “How did you come to Damocles?”

“I could enter the five military academies after graduation when I received an A grade for perception. Damocles Military Academy was the most simple. I like it very much, so I came.”

“I also think Damocles is good. The other military academies all have their own problems.” Jin Ke bit his lips.

Wei San was surprised: “Really?” To be honest, she thought the biggest problem of the other military academies was that tuition fees were expensive and there was no interest free loan.

“Pingtong Academy is more exclusive. There are too many powerful people in Imperial. As for Samuel.……I heard that many people there have bad character.” Jin Ke cracked his fingers.

“There is also a South Percy.” Wei San added on.

“South Percy rains all year round. I don’t like it.”

“You’re quite picky.” Wei San looked at Jin Ke, who had become a normal teenager, “Have you gone on a diet in the past two years?”

Jin Ke sighed: “How would I have this time? In the past, there were only two years left to graduate and study hard every day. Fortunately, I finally got some return.”

When they entered the canteen, Wei San finally collected Jin Ke’s wool and ordered a lot of dishes. She must eat until she is full.

“Do you usually eat so much?” Jin Ke was frightened and looked at the table full of dishes.

“Almost.” Wei San really does eat a lot, but she could also starve.

After a while, Wei San looked around and couldn’t help frowning. She felt that there were peeping eyes just now, and there was more than one person.

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“What’s the matter?” Jin Ke looked up and asked.

“Someone was watching us.”

Jin Ke knew clearly: “It’s all right. They’re just curious.”

Hearing this, Wei San raised her brows: “What are they curious about?”

Jin Ke held his face and was very helpless about Wei San’s habit of not caring. He stretched out his finger and pointed to the purple school emblem on the right arm of his military uniform: “I, commander.”

Wei San gave an “en” and waited for him to continue his explanation.

“No matter which of the five military academies, the commander school has the least people and are considered as the most precious talent.” Jin Ke straightened his chest, “I, the talent among talents!”

Wei San swallowed a mouthful of food with difficulty and looked at Jin Ke suspiciously: “You?”

Jin Ke nodded confidently: “I am the only S-grade commander among the freshmen this year.”

“Awesome.” Wei San made a perfunctory remark and ate at ease. She didn’t understand the meaning of S-grade command talents at all, and there was no fluctuation in her heart.

When the meal was almost over, when the two were ready to separate, Jin Ke took Wei San’s hand with both hands and looked at her with the kind of eyes that Wei San was particularly familiar with before: “Don’t worry, I won’t disturb your plan or disclose your situation to anyone.”

Wei San frowned and was about to ask him what he meant.

A young man with long hair came up. His eyes fell on the hands held by Jin Ke and Wei San. Then he looked into Jin Ke’s eyes: “I have something to talk to you about.”

Jin Ke looked at the boy and took the initiative to introduce the person: “Ying Chenghe, mecha engineering division. This is Wei San, my good friend.”

Ying Chenghe nodded casually and didn’t take Wei San to heart. She was just a grade A mecha soldier.

Wei San watched them leave. Somehow, Ying Chenghe with the long hair reminded her of a person.


The author has something to say: Jin·Brain Tonic·Ke: Wei San is an expert’s child. She must have her purpose coming to Damocles Military Academy!

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