SOOEW Chapter 307 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXIX

After killing more than a dozen snakes in a row, Wen Ying hovered the mecha in the air and stretched her arm. It was one thing for her to learn quickly, but the fluency of her fingers and arms gave her other ideas. Because of the connection of mental power, the consciousness technique he operated seemed to leave traces on her. The action just now was done in one go without any stagnation, and it was completely unlike a person who made the move for the first time.

“What’s the matter?”

Chris seemed to feel it. Seeing her stop, he couldn’t help asking her.

“.……it’s nothing.” She shook her head.

She didn’t kill all the snakes, just the ones she needed. She cleaned all the snakes around the kale grass, gathered herbs and walked out of the area. After the battle, neither of them spoke. After all, before they were in danger, they had just had an argument about Omega. Even if she didn’t say it, the irony in her chuckle clearly showed her disapproval.

Chris broke the ice and asked a surprising question: “Do you want kale grass to create an inhibitor?”

The reason why the inhibitor only circulates on the black market was that it was a prohibited substance. Its emergence enabled Omega to mix into the crowd and get out of the control of the Omega Association.

Wen Ying wanted to study inhibitors, but the circulation of her account would be controlled by her family. It’s fine to buy one or two inhibitors to study. Others would just think she was having fun, but if she brought a large number of raw materials for inhibitors, it was likely to attract the attention of relevant departments. That’s why she wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to obtain raw materials with original methods.

But she didn’t expect that Chris, who only had basic knowledge in herbal medicine, would notice her purpose.

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She hesitated, and Chris didn’t ask, but said, “I probably know what you want to do. You want to make a more effective drug for Omegas than an inhibitor.”

Wen Ying retracted her space button, carefully crossed over the weeds that were about to grow to her waist, shook the hand ring and asked, “how do you know?”

“If you see too much, you’ll guess.” He spoke calmly, “I didn’t have a good initial impression of you, but after getting along with you for a long time, I would naturally know what kind of person you are. You’ve never avoided me in this regard. It’s the simplest thing I want to know. However, I always have a question for you——”

“Don’t ask.” She rolled her eyes. “Usually the questions asked at this time would be very annoying.”

Chris laughed and said, “En, indeed, if I ask this question, you’ll probably want to hit me again. Carlos, the star God can act as evidence, I haven’t asked a question in such a nervous state for a long time. Last time, it was when I was in front of the old men in Parliament.”

The person who had stopped him couldn’t help being curious and urging, “Hurry up!”

“What I want to ask is, why did you take Allen’s inhibitor?”

“It’s about Allen again?”

Seeing that she seemed to want to lose her temper, he shook his head and said, “It’s already over. I shouldn’t have held onto it. But just because I probably know what kind of person you are, I can’t understand that you would do so. You want to make inhibitors beyond your predecessors to show that you are dissatisfied with Omega’s current situation. So why would you stop Allen, who wants to break the rules like you?” His tone was full of confusion. After saying that, he looked serious and said: “If you are unhappy, you can also not answer. But it has been hidden in my heart for a long time, so I must ask.”

Wen Ying: “……”

This was playing as a rogue.

But this time, she was a little surprised when she heard the question.

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