WFILTU Chapter 403 – Third Aunt-in-law I

Xue Jiao was at a loss: “what does senior sister mean?”

Xu Jing straightened up and looked at her deeply.

“I used to be biased against you. I’m sorry. I thought you are so good-looking, maybe you didn’t concentrate on academic work. Now, I apologize for my bias. I’m sorry.”

Xue Jiao scratched her head: “Senior sister.……it’s nothing.……why apologize for this? You are very kind to me.”

Xu Jing was stunned and looked up at her.

Xue Jiao’s eyes were serious and blank, as if she didn’t understand her behavior.

Yes, if you meet someone on the street and others think you look good, you must not be academic.

But later they found out that you were an academic, others would not come up to apologize, because they just thought about it in their hearts, and would not apologize for it. No one would know if they don’t say it.

Xu Jing felt a little funny. She tangled with this and that all day, but Gu Xuejiao never paid attention to her.

Yes, that’s right. She didn’t pay attention.

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The person in front of her was not arrogant. On the contrary, she was very thin faced.

Her world could only see what she liked, what she doesn’t like, that she didn’t care about, she wouldn’t care about.

Xu Jing suddenly felt a little ironic. She regarded Xue Jiao as an enemy, but Xue Jiao didn’t see her as an opponent.

She.……was not qualified.

When she was still immersed in comparison, contrast and anger, Gu Xuejiao had quietly reached a height she couldn’t touch.

In the future, their gap would become larger and larger.

Xu Jing smiled strangely, like she was crying but also laughing.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha……”

“Senior sister?” Xue Jiao was  puzzled.

Xu Jing looked at her and took a deep breath: “Gu Xuejiao, work hard.”

Then she turned and stumbled away.

She seemed to know what her fault was. People’s eyes could never just look at others on the way forward——

The only thing she should look at was herself.

She was born ordinary, but arrogance was gradually born.

Some people were arrogant and stood on the top of the world.

Some people could only shake with the wind.

Xu Jing thought, Gu Xuejiao was really beautiful.

She was really worth her beauty!

Xue Jiao looked at her back suspiciously, scratched her head, and then turned around.

To her, Xu Jing was just an acquaintance who was more familiar than strangers.

Xue Jiao went downstairs, and the snow had begun to drift outside. Even though Xue Jiao was wearing a thick down jacket, she couldn’t help shaking.

“Jiao Jiao——”

Xue Jiao looked up and smiled.

“Jiajia, why don’t you leave? Aren’t you cold!”

Mai Jiajia handed her a cup of hot milk tea, and then said vaguely while drinking her own: “I want to buy a milk tea, and I thought of you, so I bought you a cup and brought it over.”

Xue Jiao took a sip, warm, warming all the way from her mouth to her heart, “Hurry back to the dormitory.”

“Are you not going back to the dormitory today?”

“Not returning. Uncle Xing is waiting for me at the school gate.” Xue Jiao said while drinking the milk tea.

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