SAPPS Chapter 50

As soon as the weekend arrived, Wei San went to the underground factory. She didn’t drink nutrient solution in the morning in order to have a free meal in the underground factory.

After eating and drinking enough, Wei San began to randomly PK, she had to gather enough 100 points to raise to L1.

After a week of getting familiar with the training, Wei San now has a certain understanding of the grade A mecha. There will be no more situations of fists against each other or slipping. Plus with many novices in L0, she soon won 30 points.

[Congratulations to Bowing to Life on obtaining the qualification for leapfrog challenge to L1. Choose challenge: Yes, No.]

After staring at this line for a long time, Wei San finally decided to choose the challenge. Anyway,  even if she loses, it deducts points and not money. Now she needs actual combat and winning will reward 20,000 star coins!

[065 challenge arena: Bowing to Life vs Laozi Wins]

The competition list soon came out. Wei San walked to the waiting area as usual. There were still people competing in the 065 challenge arena. She leaned back on the bench to rest. The challenge arena on the ground floor is for L0 and L1 to compete. Wei San is in a fixed challenge arena for leapfrog competition. She looked at the two mechas on the light screen for a while. The competition results can be seen almost. It is estimated that they will fail to leapfrog.

Wei San was idle and bored. She looked down and opened her opponent’s information. She discovered that Laozi Wins was a L1 who had just been promoted. She knocked with her finger on the armrest of the bench. It was really a name that asks for a beating.

[Competition time is up, challengers please get ready for the stage.]

When the light curtain suddenly darkened and then lit up again, such a sentence appeared.

Wei San got up, entered the mecha, and then went to the 065 challenge arena. Her opponent also went to the challenge arena at about this time. His mecha was transformed and even changed its color.

“So annoying. What are you doing so quickly with your hands?”

As soon as he came on stage, Laozi Wins said this sentence to Wei San.

Wei San: “?”

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“If you’re a second late, I can play against L1 people, which will delay my time.”

Generally, those who have just been promoted to L1 level points are ranked last, so most people will immediately find other L1 competitions. In this way, if they win, they will no longer have to accept the leapfrog challenge of L0 challengers. Of course, if they lose, they will become L0 again. As soon as Laozi Wins was promoted to L1, he was ready to participate in the L1 PK. As a result, he was locked by Wei San first.

Wei San said ‘Oh’: “I can still delay your time even more.”

Laozi Wins immediately understood what Wei San meant. He sneered: “It depends on whether you have this ability.”

While talking, the game began.

Laozi Wins’ mecha is a heavy mecha, and he has transformed and strengthened his firepower. At the beginning of the game, the two muzzle on his shoulder rose, aimed at Wei San and attacked frantically.

If Wei San had met him the day before, she might have been really flustered, but she was beaten by Chen Ci, and she could compare the great differences between the two at once. Moreover, she went to the simulation training room to practice all night last night.

Single person simulation training, the scene is set  to face intensive shooting from all directions and reach the destination. Last night, Wei San was soaked in it and was beaten into a griddle. When she came out, she held onto the wall and felt 100% pain, so that she didn’t even sleep well when she went back to bed.

On this one, Wei San was not afraid at all. Compared with Chen Ci and the simulation room, Laozi Wins’ method is like a child shooting everywhere with a gun.

While avoiding his attack, Wei San had an idea in her heart.

After she came to Sadu star, she was greedy for all kinds of mecha. Now is a great opportunity. There are all kinds of mecha in the challenge arena, and many people will transform their own mecha. What if she can dismantle their mecha in the challenge arena?

Wei San feels like a genius.

Doing whatever she wants, Wei San avoids the attack from Laozi Wins and sweeps the opponent’s lower plate the next second to make him fall.

Laozi Wins fell directly to the ground. When he was about to turn over, Wei San suddenly appeared in front of his vision, pressed on his mecha and controlled his hands.

“Seeking death!” Laozi Wins smiled sarcastically and couldn’t attack with his hands. There were two ion cannons on his mecha shoulder. They were so close that they could shoot through directly.

The next second, however, he froze.

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